Favorite Doll Clothes Brands

Sep 4, 2017

    1. My favorite clothing brands are Sadol, Rrabit, Nine9 style and DollHouse. I do want to try the brands Kon'd and Freedom Teller. And I no longer like Dollheart, they're just not who they used to be.
    2. This is incredibly helpful!! :loveI have some boys who are hard to buy for.

      Mine are Little Moda, Nine9Style, Greentime, Yomi's Blog, and Sadol.
    3. I really like Melloy hand made on Etsy. Even though I didn’t order from her yet, I can tell that she makes a lot of kawaii clothes think that I think will fit my new bjd’s aesthetic.
    4. I only have one BJD. She is an Iplehouse BID. She can wear clothes by Boneka. I also shop online for clothes in her size. Other than Boneka, I don't have a clothes maker that I prefer.
    5. i am REALLY loving this thread and thank you so much for these links in particular! And now i'm also window shopping the Klesis site... dayummm so pretty.