Favorite Doll Outfits & Accessories

Feb 5, 2021

    1. :chibiHello to my fellow BJD enthusiasts:chibi I've just recently started to get back into the community and was curious to know what are your favorite outfits and accessories for your dolls.

      Would love to hear or see what you love :D
    2. Hello! and welcome :3nodding:
      So far I've been prioritizing getting dolls and buying/making a few simple pieces over getting full in-character outfits. But I do really like Denver Doll's basics and have found some good stuff on Etsy & Ebay.
    3. O! I have never heard of Denver Dolls. I am familiar with Etsy and Ebay seems to be a hit or miss for me. Volks is definitely my #1. Thank you for sharing :3nodding:
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    4. Looking through feedback and stuff before hand helps a lot, but yeah, Ebay's like that sometimes. Denver Doll Emporium is in Colorado and they've been so good, quality stuff and quick shipping to the west coast of the U.S. for things in stock. I haven't bought anything from Volks yet, but good to know...
    5. Yea, Volks has great quality but can be a bit pricey. Thank you for sharing your sources :cheer
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    6. My favorite doll clothes brand is probably TTYA. Even though casual isn't my favorite style for dolls, comfy casual clothes are just so nice on any doll and TTYA has great quality.
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    7. Are you looking for specific brands, or dealers who sell unique, high quality stuff? If it's the latter, I recommend Moonlight BJD. They have wonderful clothing, wigs, accessories, etc, and great customer service. Pricey, but you still have to be fairly quick - the best things sell out fast. By brand, I love Freedom Teller - also expensive, but absolutely classic and fabulous quality clothing and shoes/boots. You have to watch their site, though - they work on a release schedule, rather than having things in stock.
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    8. My favorite clothing brands are Nine9 Style, TTYA, Tree Design and Tata's Paradise. But one of the best pieces I've ever bought was a pair of plaid pants from IchigoTreasures on Etsy and they are better quality than some of my own real pants, they are beautiful with so much detail and even the plaid lines up perfectly on the front pockets.
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    9. I LOVE TTYA! It's also one of my favorite brands for doll clothes :blush
    10. Interesting, so you're really into details which I often wonder if it matters to other doll enthusiasts. I personally love attention to detail and like when that is reflected in the design. Do you recall how much you paid for those pants? Usually great designs tend to cost most for doll clothing.
    11. They were only $24 and shipping! :D I was really impressed, I never expected such quality for that price.
    12. My favorite Brands are Volks, Dollheart and Odd aristocratic from Taobao, since i like the lolita and victorian fashion, it gets hard to find the specific pieces of clothing for my crew.
      And desers if they were more ease to get.
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    13. I really love DollHeart, VOLKS (both their own stuff and their brand collabs), and rRabit but I would have to say that my favorite piece of doll clothing is hands down a dress set that I commissioned from @Kastalia you can see Nadeko modeling it here
      The fabric and lace are beautiful and it is expertly made! I love everything about it and if given the opportunity would totally commission more pieces from Sue!
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    14. That is a really great price :aeyepop:
    15. I have never heard of Dollhearts before - I am super impressed by their selection. Thank you for sharing :kitty1
    16. Oo! Nadeko looks so beautiful. Such a great dress :love - thank you for sharing rRabit! I have never heard of this retailer. So many options.
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    17. Moonlight and Freedom Teller blow me away. Absolutely stunning. I am right now looking to generally see what is available on the market. I would love to buy an outfit from one of these retailers :love Thanks for sharing these sources :D