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Favorite MSD Female Body?

Jun 14, 2019 at 3:35 PM

    1. I recently picked up a new fairyland head and while I quite like the Minifee bodies, lately I've seen some really beautiful SD sized bodies and I'm feeling a bit envious. I've been looking at other MSD bodies online, but I feel a bit overwhelmed by all the choices!

      Many of the threads here are quite old and the bodies mentioned have been updated or no longer exist, so I'm wondering... Who makes your favorite (female) MSD sized body? What do you love about it? Do you own your favorite?
    2. My favourite MSD size bodies are the Dollstown 5Year and 7Year bodies, plus the Volks MSD, but they'd all be a bit immature and chunky for a MiniFee type head.

      The Narae body is enchanting, but I have no idea if they're sold as body only, the Luts Kid Delf body is quite nice too.

      Good Hunting

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    3. My favourites are Doll Leaves, ver.II (except hand palms) and Dollzone b45-12 (but it is hard to make it stand, needs restringing on VERY thick string). I love such silhouettes, and poseability is good.
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    4. I'm seconding the dollzone b45-012 and also the b45-017. I have both as bodies for 2 of my minifee heads. If you're looking specifically for a hybriding option for a minifee I highly recommend them. You would need to get the minifee neck connector piece to work with the body but it's entirely worth it in my opinion. Also the normal pink from dollzone is a good match for fairyland ns.
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    5. I find dollzone and MYOU 2nd body type really beautiful. (But I'm not actually sure if MYOU bodies could match minifee heads cause myou dolls are quite big :/)
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    6. Seconding the Doll Leaves ver II! It's really pretty and it poses suuuper well. I'm actually considering more bodies from them because of how much I like it!
    7. My favorite body I have owned is the doll leaves dream body, it poses well and it is beautiful all except the hands. My favorite body appearence wise is the 2D SY body. I am saving up for it and it will be my next major doll purchase.
    8. I adore the dollits body! The sculpting is beautiful and more mature and the posing is amazing. So far she’s got to be my favorite doll to pose and handle, she holds poses great and can do SO much, also is suuuper stable. I’ve seen it hybrid really well with minifee heads too, you can see a minifee hybrid and some of the posing here Philomena on Instagram: “So here it is a comparison and posing of both bodies , #fairyland minifee aline on the left and the #dollits d.k.d. Girl body on the right…” . I think this body makes minifees a lot more in proportion than their normal bodies, lol
    9. I really like the minifee a-line body for removable hands/feet and good wrist action. I also really like Doll Leaves, teenage dream. It can do a lot of things that the minifee can’t and the resin is smooth and nice.
    10. I don't have a lot of experience with bodies, but of the few I've seen, my favourite is the Luts Romantic girl body. I love that it has single jointed legs and double jointed arms. Changing the feet and hands is super easy and it is really easy for a newbie to pose.
    11. Wish there was like a web page that compared all the different types of mini/msd sized doll bodies kind of like the website that volks have to show all the different head choices!
    12. I really like the dream valley msd girl body, the joints are really nice.