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Feedback fo Amiah !! :)

Jul 24, 2010

    1. Amiah is a wonderful client! :sweat I am very happy that she was my first buyer. She is an excellent customer and easy to communicate. Her payments are quick and if were are any problems, she is very understanding.
      I recommend her as a reliable Den of Angels member and hope to have business with her again in the future ;):daisy:cheer
    2. I sold Amiah a Soulkid doll, it was the perfect transaction! Good communication and quick payment! I would sell to her again or buy from her in a heartbeat!

      thank you!
    3. Amiah ordered 4 face-up and 2 body blushs in commission. Excellent communication and payment. Due to personnal reasons, i needed more time to do the works. Amiah was very pleasant and patient. Thank you for all
    4. Thank you so much for the opportunity to paint 3 of your characters!

      Amiah is a great client: responsive, offerd to pay in advance, gave me plenty or opportunity to suggest my ideas into the works. Just a wonderful and pleasant project! Looking forward to working with you again.
    5. Amiah is a very lovely person to deal with, an easy-going and very interesting. It was a pleasure to make faceups for 2 heads of her. Looking forward to working with you and a lot success at summer festival! :3nodding: