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Feedback for 47Ronin

Jun 7, 2012

    1. A place for notations of my transactions! Finally got over the 'lurker' hump and I'm ready to develop my collection (can one doll be called a collection?)

      A preemptive thankyou to anyone looking at selling to me or purchasing from me. Everyone knows the drill! Good or bad, be candid in reviews of me here!
    2. 47Ronin bought a Doll Chateau Bella Fullset doll from me. Everything went beautifully, great communications, prompt payment & a pleasure start to finish! Thank you! :)
    3. 47Ronin bought from me some glass eyes.
      All went smooth and perfect.
      Would love to deal with
      47Ronin again! ^^
    4. 47Ronin purchased a Delf El head from me. Everything was wonderful with 47Ronin being a friendly and professional buyer. This transaction was 100% perfect from start to finish, I can highly recommend 47Ronin and would not hesitate to do business again!

      Thank you!
    5. 47Ronin purchased a Delf Body from me - paid quickly and communicated clearly. I'd happily do business again!