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Feedback for Aiko-chan

Aug 22, 2007

    1. I figured I should start up one of these, since I'll be doing more buying/selling/trading here. Please, if you've done a transaction of some sort with me, leave feedback! Thank you~!

      I also have feedback on eBay under the username of Yamadasearch.

    2. Aiko-chan bought a couple of things from me. She was wonderful to deal with and had great communication. Thanks!
    3. Aiko-chan bought a pair of eyes from me~ She was amazingly sweet and understanding and she let me know when the eyes arrived which is always a plus! Thanks for a great transaction, Aiko-chan! <3
    4. Great Buyer :X prompt payment, good communication, nice to work with.
    5. i sold a wig to aiko-chan! Very good buyer, quick with payment! Thanks!
    6. I sold a DZ Nina to Aiko-chan. She paid quickly and had great communication. It was a nice, smooth transaction. Highly recommended. ^^
    7. Fast PM replies and prompt payment. Definitely a recommended buyer! ^__^v
    8. Aiko-chan bought eyes from me, she paid super fast and has excellent communication, it was a smooth and pleasant transaction. Great buyer!!
    9. Aiko-chan bought a wig from me. ^_^ She was very friendly, good communication, prompt payment--the entire transaction was excellent!

      Thanks again! :aheartbea
    10. Aiko-chan purchased a pair of eyes from me. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Super sweet, great communication and paid very quickly. I hope to work with her again one day. Thanks so much! :aheartbea
    11. Sold a dress set to Aiko-chan. She paid quickly and was very nice to deal with!
    12. I Did A Dollie Trade With Aiko-chan, Absolutely Fantastic!
      The transaction could not have gone better, she was super freindly, and she even Shipped The Very next Day! Very Muchly Recommended! :aheartbea
      Thanks so much! :fangirl:
    13. Sold a pink kitty outfit to Aiko-chan, it was a really nice transaction~<3
      Thank you very much!^^
    14. Gracious ... my bad! I've not left feedback for a wonderful transaction, so I'll remedy that this instant. Aiko-chan purchased her dream doll, SDC Kaede from me. She had to work on assembling the funds, and I was more than happy to stay the course with her. We remained in contact throughout; she followed through with dedication.

      If she ever asks for layaway, and you can accommodate her, do so without hesitation. She's sincere, responsible and pursues her goals. They broke the mould after they created Aiko-chan!
    15. I bought a floating Shiwoo head from Aiko-chan, and I am very glad I did. He arrived quickly in the mail, very well packaged. She was quick to get him out, and very pleasant to buy from! Thanks a lot, Aiko-chan!
    16. I sold a Puki Flora set to her, she was wonderful to deal with; paid prompty, was fast to communicate, and very polite. Thank you!
    17. I sold Aiko-chan an El head and she was wonderful to deal with. She paid promptly and kept up great communication. I highly recommend doing business with her. She's a great buyer. :)
    18. Aiko-chan bought a pair of eyes from me. Great transcation with prompt payment, thanks!
    19. I purchased a Minimee head from Aiko-Chan. Great communication, smooth transaction, well-packaged. Thanks so much! :-)
    20. I bought a beautiful MSD dress from Aiko-chan. She not only accepted my payment, but dropped it off to me at work! It was uber nice of her to drive down to do so. Excellent seller!