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Feedback for allemarthe

Dec 15, 2007

    1. Hello :)

      If you have had any transaction/s with me please leave here your comment. It would be really appreciated !

      Thank you.:aheartbea
    2. Sold to allemarthe. Allemarthe was prompt with PMs and polite, paid when he said he would. Overall, a smooth transaction! :aheartbea

      It was a pleasure to meet you, look forward to seeing your lovely Furrsia (I LOVE that name!) in BJD meets!
    3. allermarthe bought a skirt from me. :3 Payment was promptly sent as well. Thank you so much!
    4. Sold a doll to him; he paid promptly
      and was fantastic in maintaining communication.

      An extremely pleasant buyer to deal with - thanks again, allemarthe! ^^
    5. I bought a Dollmore Dean head from Allemarthe. He was such a pleasure to deal with, kept up great communication with me and answered all my questions so quickly. The shipping was super quick and the head was packed very well. I would LOVE to do business with again!

    6. I bought a Magical Michael body from Allemarthe. He was a pleasure to deal with and although there was some trouble with the shipping which no one is at fault for, I would defiantly buy from this seller again.
    7. I bought a dollga body from Allemarthe! The care with the body and the package to send oversea was really amazing :) was a pleasure to deal with him, the communication was really quickly.

      Thanks for the body allemarthe ^_^ my dear noella is complete now :)
    8. I buy him, a marcel of crobidoll, quite perfectly
    9. I bought a Leewhi head from allemarthe. Very pleased with the head.:) Thank you, alle!
    10. I bought a DollGa girl from Allemarthe. He was such a pleasure to deal with! Patient, friendly, prompt shipping, great communication and the doll was just as described. I would recommend him to anyone! Thanks Alle!!:daisy
    11. alle gave my 2 kill_u (1st & special) boys beautiful face-ups, lovely to communicate with and so meticulous in his work. highly recommended~ :)
    12. finally, did faceups for alot of my toons good to deal with XD
    13. Allemarthe faceuped my Seorin sleeping head and I'm totally in love with it! Very detailed and finely done. Hot recommendation for commission.
    14. quite perfectly

      100% lovely!
    15. Commissioned and transacted with Allemarthe quite a fair bit of times; lovely and immaculate faceups as well as being extremely sweet to deal with. Great buyer, seller, and artist. :aheartbea
    16. allemarthe bought a doll head from me and was very nice to deal with. Good contact and friendly :)
    17. I bought a Leekeworld-body from allemarthe. It was such a pleasure to deal with. Great communication, friendly and prompt shipping.

    18. Bought a pair of eyes from Allemarthe. Replies were quick and item was shipped fast!
      Thanks! :)
    19. Commissioned face-ups from him for two dolls. Splendid work done! It's my second time getting a face-up from him. Transactions have been smooth and the heads were packed properly when returned to me.

      Thank you again! <--- Getting rather effusive, sorry.
    20. This is my second wonderful transaction with allemarthe and this time I was lucky enough to be able to adopt a beautiful modded sleeping Noella head whose face-up was done by alle himself. Not only is this friendly seller great to communicate with and a fast shipper, but he is a gifted face-up artist. Thank you alle!! I cannot tell you how much I adore this beautiful new boy!! :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea