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Feedback for ambitiouslove

Jul 27, 2008

    1. :aheartbea Hello :aheartbea

      If you have made a transaction with me on this board, I would very much appreciate feedback ^^

      Thank you!!!

      My list of feedback can be found here
    2. Ambitiouslove bought a hat from me and the transaction went smoothly. Quick payment and friendly ^^. Would not hesitate to deal with again, Thank you !
    3. Ambiouslove bought a DIM minimee Cloud head from me and she's very friendly, fast at communicating and sending payment :D I would do business with her again in the future :D Thanx again!
    4. Ambitiouslove commissioned me and she's been very friendly, and paid promptly, I definitly recommend her ^_^
    5. A wonderful buyer! ^_^ Great communication, prompt payment, and very friendly.
    6. Ambitiouslove purchased a pair of eyes from me and was very friendly and paid promptly! :)
    7. Ambitiouslove bought a pair of eyes from me - she paid very promptly and was super pleasant to deal with! :) I'd definitely do business with her again.
    8. I sold a doll to ambitiouslove, and she's great to deal with! It was the first layaway I've ever done, and truth be told I was a little nervous, but ambitiouslove was perfect in every single way. She sent me regular payments, and even kept a little balance sheet in our PMs!

      She's lovely, friendly, and very organised. I highly recommend her, especially for layaway!
    9. ambitiouslove joined my Dollmore group order, was very friendly and paid in a timely manner. Very nice to have on my order. ^___^
    10. ambitiouslove is a great buyer, communicates very well and pays fast! :) I thank her for her business, and will hopefully do more in the future!
    11. Participated in my G.O. ambitiouslove paid promptly and kept in touch the whole time. Very smooth! Thanks!
    12. I just received a wig I purchased from ambitiouslove, and it looks great! Shipped super fast and at a great price too.
    13. Got ARI....LOVED it. Wonderful transaction.
    14. ambitiouslove commissioned me to do her girl's face-up.
      She paid quickly and promptly responded to my emails, not to mention that she was very patient as well!!
      I really enjoyed my experience of working with her and working on her girl's face-up.
      I would definitely recommend her for transactions :)
      Thank you again for commissioning me Lisa <333

      --- yeast
    15. I traded with ambitiouslove for a dollga wig^^ It was a very pleasant transaction, thank you:aheartbea
    16. I bought a head from ambitiouslove. The communication was very good and the head arrived very quickly. I'd reccomend her:)
    17. I bought a DZ NS 72cm body from ambitiouslove and the communication was very prompt. Shipping was quick and the item arrived wrapped carefully. I would recommend her to anyone^^
    18. Ambitiouslove participated in my fifth Dollmore group order and everything went well. :) Communication left nothing to be desired, payments were made promptly and wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again.
      :clover Thank you for being an awesome participant!! :clover
    19. I purchased an outfit from ambitiouslove and she was quick to ship with great communications! Thanks!
    20. I sold a head to ambitiouslove; every thing was very simple; fast payment, very easy transaction. Great buyer!