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Feedback for CloakedSchemer

Feb 12, 2010

    1. I didn't find a feedback thread for this member, so I made one!

      CloakedSchemer purchased a wig from me. Payment was very prompt and communication was good, plus I was informed when the item arrived safely! Thanks very much, CloakedSchemer! ^^
    2. CloakedSchemer participated in my dollmore group order. She was prompt with payment and communicated very well. I would definitely work with her in another GO.
    3. CloakedSchemer bought a pair of 70cm boy pants from me. Payment was prompt and communication was great. Thanks so much for a great transaction! :D
    4. CloakedSchemer bought doll outfits from me. Great transaction with prompt payment, thanks!
    5. I bought a Dragondoll Cheng from CloakedSchemer. He came with lots of extras and very, very well packaged! I appreciate it!
    6. I bought a Bobobie Tony from CloakedSchemer and he came quickly. He came in amazing condition and I am overjoyed. Great person to handle transactions with!
    7. I recently bought a 60cm Obitsu from CloakedSchemer. He arrived faster than I expected, very well packed and full of all kinds of cute little extras. ^__^ Would definitely buy from her again!
    8. I bought a damaged/modified DZ head from CloakedSchemer. It came exactly as described and the shipping was super fast. Very reasonable price too! Great communication, excellent transaction overall.
    9. I purchased an AoD Lu Yuo head from CloakedSchemer. It arrived in perfect condition and faster than anticipated. Would happily deal with her again!
    10. I purchased a BBB Pixie from her. The transaction was smooth and she kept in communication with me. ^_~
    11. Bought a RS body on a one month-layaway from CloakedSchemer. She was super nice to talk with and her PMs were prompt. The body arrived well packaged but there were problems with it. CloakedSchemer handled it professionally and agreed to a partial refund. I would do business with her again! Thank you!
    12. CloakedSchemer bought a clothing item from me, paid promptly and let me know right away when the item arrived!
      Super to deal with, and I would love to work with CloakedSchemer again!
    13. CloakedSchemer bought some MSD clothes from me. She was quick to pay and let me know when the items arrived safely. Overall a very pleasant transaction. Thanks! :)
    14. Bought a $5 (shipped!) two toned green fur wig, that arrived in good time - considering the holidays were upon us!
      There were a few loose threads, but nothing I can't fix up. Cute wig, and can't beat the price! It's perfect for my ImplDoll Harley (Stumpy! :lol: )
      No problems here. :)
    15. I sold my LatiBlue boy to CloakedSchemer. Communication was fantastic the whole time, and she let me know as soon as he arrived to her. Payment was fast and everything was very nice. A great sale. I would love to work with her again!
    16. I bought some clothing from CloakedSchemer, and everything was great! Great communication, fast shipping...would love to work with again!
    17. CloakedSchemer bought a pointy hand set from me and paid promptly and let me know when it arrived! Super awesome, thank you~! :3
    18. + Positive Feedback

      CloakedSchemer bought a DZ Shoyo head from me. Payment was super fast and she was in general a great person to deal with. I would definitely do business with again.
    19. I purchases a bjd head from CloakShemer. Great communication and the package arrived in record time! Thank you so much!

    20. Bought some clothing from her! Super fast shipping items are great!