Feedback for doll eyes

Jul 7, 2009

    1. Hi everyone :)

      I sell my eyes here at the Marketplace in Captured in Glass eye shop, so if you had a transaction with me please take a little time and leave a feedback for me please :)

      Thank you:)
    2. ^^ I really like the quality of the eyes that I was sent from Captured in Glass. Lu's eyes are really nice, and they were made quite quickly!
    3. i purchased two pairs of eyes, one pair in 14mm and one in 16mm, both with flat backs and in style E32. i seriously can't put into words how happy i am with them, how polite the seller was, and how flawless the entire transaction went :D thank you so much!! :aheartbea
    4. I ordered several pairs of eyes and am really happy with them, especially the tiny 8mm pairs.

      Good communication, helpful suggestions for my order, and super quick production and shipping.

      Thanks so very much!!!
    5. I ordered four pairs of eyes from doll eyes, and everything went great.
      The quality is lovely, the price is amazing, and the shipping was very fast. ^_^

      Will DEFINITELY buy from again. Thank you so much!
    6. I ordered 2 pairs of eyes, one of which was a special type I asked for. Both perfect! The price was such great value.
    7. I ordered two pairs of eyes, which arrived today. Excellent value for the price, the colors are beautiful. Would absolutely buy from again!
    8. I bought a pair of eyes from doll eyes and am very happy with the quality, color and communication! Highly recommended! :D
    9. I bought a pair of eyes from doll eyes. She/he was so kind with me and answer me everytime. 100% recommended
      The eyes are so beautiful and with quality.
    10. bought two pairs of eyes - VERY impressed with the quality, especially considering the low price! thank you!
    11. I ordered 3 pairs of eye's. all 3 look fantastic and i'm very happy with them.
    12. I ordered 4 pairs of eyes from doll eyes.
      The quality is amazing. They are beautiful, colors are clear and bright.
      Really fast shipping.
      Thank you so much ^^ i will for sure order next pairs :)
    13. I ordered one pair of eyes from doll eyes and they just arrived today. They're absolutely beautiful, the color is amazing and they're extremely well made.

      They arrived quickly and communication was excellent. I'll be sure to order again!
    14. I ordered a pair of eyes and asked for a color customisation : they are gorgeous and the exact color I wanted ^^
      And the communication was good, fast and kind answers :)
    15. Lovely eyes, really well made! Communication was good and the items were promptly sent out. :) I'll sure buy again~
    16. AMAZING WORK *-* fast and very very kind *-* my babes say tks for you : )!
      [​IMG] nice eyes ham?!
    17. i ordered 10 pairs of eyes, they are perfect... lovely, even better than the photos. prompt replies to PM's, and shipping, received in 2 weeks as promised.
    18. I ordered 7 pairs of eyes. I love the colors, high quality, communication was perfect, fast shipping...
      100% recommended!! ^_^
    19. My custom order arrived safely today and I'm well pleased!
      Just what I wanted and my wee girl loves them!
      I'll post her pic soon!

    20. ETA: