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Feedback for FanOfTA

Aug 21, 2011

    1. Please post feedback for me here for all transactions with me!

    2. I sold a luts honey delf body to FanOfTA. She was an excellent buyer. I appreciated the lightning fast payment and flawless communication from her. I would recommend her to all as a buyer!
    3. FanOfTA purchased my Arno head. She is very lovely to deal with and was very understanding in my slow response. Thanks very much, dear! <3
    4. FanOfTA purchased a wig from me. Thanks for the quick payment! :)
    5. FanOfTA bought my Kid Delf body (new version) and everything went perfectly.
      The communication was abundant and friendly, allowing us to agree on the terms of payment (layaway & shipping fees). The payment was pretty prompt & on time. And she was kind enough to let me know when the package was between her hand & in perfect condition.
      So it's a good experience for a perfect transaction. It was really a pleasure to deal with her.
      Thank you again for everything!
    6. FanOfTA bought a Luts Noelia head from me, she paid quickly and kept great communication and was also very sweet. Thank you!

    7. FanOFTA purchased my Limhwa Luna and was most understanding when I forgot to pack Luna's heeled feet.:doh The feet have now been sent and she let me know that the feet have arrived. :thumbup It is always a blessing to have buyers who understand when mistakes are made.
      &#9617;&#9618;&#9619;&#9608;&#9600;&#9604;&#9600;&#9604;&#9600;&#9604;&#9608;&#9619;&#9618;&#9617; AWESOME BUYER 5 STARS &#9617;&#9618;&#9619;&#9608;&#9600;&#9604;&#9600;&#9604;&#9600;&#9604;&#9608;&#9619;&#9618;&#9617;
    8. FanOFTA bought an April Story girl body from me and she was very patient and kind to do business with.
      She let me know when the body arrived.
      Thank you a lot :)