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Feedback for FanOfTA

Aug 21, 2011

    1. Please post feedback for me here for all transactions with me!

    2. I sold a luts honey delf body to FanOfTA. She was an excellent buyer. I appreciated the lightning fast payment and flawless communication from her. I would recommend her to all as a buyer!
    3. FanOfTA purchased my Arno head. She is very lovely to deal with and was very understanding in my slow response. Thanks very much, dear! <3
    4. FanOfTA purchased a wig from me. Thanks for the quick payment! :)
    5. FanOfTA bought my Kid Delf body (new version) and everything went perfectly.
      The communication was abundant and friendly, allowing us to agree on the terms of payment (layaway & shipping fees). The payment was pretty prompt & on time. And she was kind enough to let me know when the package was between her hand & in perfect condition.
      So it's a good experience for a perfect transaction. It was really a pleasure to deal with her.
      Thank you again for everything!
    6. FanOfTA bought a Luts Noelia head from me, she paid quickly and kept great communication and was also very sweet. Thank you!

    7. FanOFTA purchased my Limhwa Luna and was most understanding when I forgot to pack Luna's heeled feet.:doh The feet have now been sent and she let me know that the feet have arrived. :thumbup It is always a blessing to have buyers who understand when mistakes are made.
      &#9617;&#9618;&#9619;&#9608;&#9600;&#9604;&#9600;&#9604;&#9600;&#9604;&#9608;&#9619;&#9618;&#9617; AWESOME BUYER 5 STARS &#9617;&#9618;&#9619;&#9608;&#9600;&#9604;&#9600;&#9604;&#9600;&#9604;&#9608;&#9619;&#9618;&#9617;
    8. FanOFTA bought an April Story girl body from me and she was very patient and kind to do business with.
      She let me know when the body arrived.
      Thank you a lot :)
    9. FanOFTA bought from me Phiel from Soul Doll in layaway. All payments were made within the agreed time, the buyer was always in touch and immediately reported the arrival of the parcel! :D
      Very satisfied with the deal!
      I would recommend her to all as a buyer! :love
    10. FanOfTA bought my Souldoll Sasha head and was an absolute pleasure to do business with! She was friendly, kept close communication, and let me know as soon as the head arrived. I would not hesitate to sell to her again. :)
    11. Positive feedback! Purchased a Soul Doll body from me and the transaction was flawless. Thank you!