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Feedback for Goddessdoll

Jul 5, 2007

    1. Please leave feedback for me here xx thank you xx:aheartbea
    2. So glad to be the first to post here for GoddessDoll!

      Great transaction from a great buyer - I'd love to deal with her again. A pleasure from start to finish...
    3. Sold some wigs to Goddessdoll, lovey person to deal with.Super fast payer and good communication.Thanks :)
    4. Recieved a prompt payment from GoddessDoll and very smooth transaction.
      highly recommended!

      Thanks again!
    5. I've had a trade with her. She was friendly but the comunication it's very hard. I've wait two weeks before receive the track number. She send to me the doll but don't tell me that she was yellow (yellow yellow :o ) and not pink white. She told me that the doll was perfect :crushed
      I'm not satisfy :eusa_naug
    6. I sell a Delf El dreaming to GoddessDoll, and she absolutly a awesome person, great communication! fast payment, just to 3 words She is Love
    7. Negative experience

      I didnt want to do this but now feel as a month later I must.

      Over a month ago GoddessDoll contacted me about buying my MSD mnf shiwoo Girl Risha, after numerous pm's (which I have) she said she wanted to buy her (copy of last pm at bottom of post) GoddessDoll said could she have my paypal addy and she would be sending the money straight away.

      I kept checking and no funds arrived and I new she was still online, but thought I would wait a day or 2, I have sent numerous pm's asking if she still wants her, with no reply and I also notice she has not been online, so im now leaving flake/neg feedback, as you should not say to someone you def want to buy something and then fail to do it. I have told other people she had sold and now I will have to re-start the sale.

    8. Goddessdoll bought my Camine doll and all the transaction went smoothly, friendly. This was a delight !!! The payment was speedy and she kept me inform when the doll arrived. She is an asset to DOA community and I highly recommended her as buyer and she will be welcome anytime. :D
    9. I sold a Shinydoll Nanae head (on eBay) and a Thaasa body to Goddessdoll. She was really great to deal with, kept in touch and paid up promptly!

      Highly recommended :)
    10. I sold Goddessdoll a Serendipity Ismy and I'm very happy with her as a buyer.

      She paid at the time promised and kept very good communication.

      Thanks again ^^
    11. Sold GoddessDoll my D.O.C Too, and communication was brilliant and payment was promt :D
    12. GoddessDoll bought a Lati Green Lea I was selling and she was perfect in every way! Paid quickly, communicated well. Plus, she is a total sweetheart! Would love to do buisness again! Thanks!
    13. I have bought Goddessdoll's Narae off from ebay.
      Goddessdoll kept me informed all through the transaction and sent the Narae off as soon as possible. Shipment was super-fast! I bought her on 02/10 and she arrived here on 08/10 ! (that's from the UK to Germany!)
      Her condition was exactly as described, she was very well packaged and Goddessdoll added a bunch of nice freebies with her, some high quality clothing and a wig also.

      I must say I was a bit concerned about Goddessdoll's negative feedback on here, but I couldn't be happier with my purchase and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again! :D
    14. I bought a doll from GoddessDoll thru DOA and although I :aheartbea her personality to bits , I gotta admit that communication can be an issue (if you're like me and like your hand held throughout a private sale) ..largely because of time differences and not being on DOA very often. Once I expressed this to her, we were in contact more often and throughout the entire transaction.
      The darn postal service in the UK was on strike and returned to sender, to make a long story short; it wasn't really her fault that 3 months after the $ transaction, no dolly adoption actually took place :|
      However, I'm very happy to say that she made good on the refund in the end and my patience paid off.

      ..i'm not sure if this makes me eligible to give feedback or not :? but there is the story on the record.
    15. I bought a lot of SD clothing from Goddessdoll and everything went great. Shipping was superfast, PMs were friendly, clothing is terrific! And she even threw in some extra clothing......thanks!
    16. Goddessdoll bought my IH Tatiana off me. She was a lovely buyer, friendly and great communication ^^
    17. She bought my Dollshe Rosen and was a joy and a pleasure to deal with. Payment was superfast, communication was great, and I'm so happy my boy has gone to such a wonderful person. Thanks Shell!
    18. Negative feedback for Goddessdoll
      I feel bad doing this, but i would like to let others know.... :(
      Goddessdoll contacted me about AOD body im selling, she asked couple of questions, and then agreed to buy it. In Last message i got from her, she told me that she is going home from work, and will make a payment that night. It was about 2 weeks ago, and it was a last time i herd from her. I did not get any payment, or a replay for my PMs. I understand that thinks happens, but she couldn't even bother to let me know, that she doesn't want her anymore, just left me hanging, not knowing whats going on...
    19. She bought my Elfdoll Soah and it was a perfect transaction as before. She is a lovely lady and a great buyer and I'd recommend her to anyone.