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Negative Feedback Feedback for huntedrose buyer beware

Nov 17, 2006

    1. So on july 25th I posted a wtc for Narae clothes, huntedrose was one of the people that replied. I told her I was looking to have a corset outfit made for my 43cm Narae and we worked out the details and I paid.

      Almost a month later I pm'd her asking if there was any news and I got this reply
      I'll be shipping later in the week; I'm out of town right now!

      so i waited about three weeks and pm'd asking if something was wrong, she told me she was stuck out of town and that there were a few small details that needed to be finished but she would mail it out after the weekend

      I again waited, this time a week,. I pm'd her asking if it had been mailed and got this reply
      I've been delayed, but you should get it late this week or early next week. I'll include a doll necklace as a an extra. Sorry!

      now by now it's too late to file a claim with paypal as I believe you only have three months to do it. But as an artist I understand that things come up and sometimes take longer so I waited

      Fast forward to about 3 weeks ago , she pm'd me saying that it had been mailed but if for some reason it gets lost she'll send me another.. I have not recieved anything as of yet.
    2. Unfortunately I have to join the ranks of bad feedback too. Back in April/May, I started talking to her about some commissions. Then in June, we agreed to trade this work (plus further work) for a Dollshe Saint I was selling. I am not out any money unlike so many other people, but I am very disappointed.

      The history of events; From Present ----> Past

      11/17 - Deadline for the final 'ultimatum' I gave her two weeks prior. I just wanted a scan of a shipping receipt sometime before this day to prove she sent SOMETHING in good faith. Never got it.

      11/15 - Excuse: moving, busy searching for new place and making arrangements // Promise: sending out Tuesday or Thursday.

      11/09 - Excuse: was 'waiting' to finish more before sending the already finished stuff to me // Promise: Couple of days at latest, would scan shipping receipt

      10/23 - Excuse: Internet problems (again) // Promise: Will send package of what is finished this week, and scan in dress designs

      10/03 - Excuse: Internet is down, at an internet cafe.

      9/28 - Excuse: Having trouble getting PMs. Also, allergy/infection // Promise: Quit job so has more time. Will scan in dress design sketchs, will send stuff out in maximum 2-3 weeks

      9/10 - Excuse: Still trapped in middle of nowhere desert with no internet. When in LA, is without car, sketchbook, and scanner // Promise: Will contact you soon and scan in dress design sketchs

      8/30 - Excuse: Trapped in middle of nowhere desert with no internet // Promise: Will scan the dress design sketchs or figure out the camera software for her Mac and upload photos

      8/07 - Excuse: Waiting for shop to restock clasps // Promise: Will scan in sketchs. Will mail finished stuff post haste. (((NOTE: At this point she missed the first actual deadline I gave her. I needed her to finish that coat for me in time for a convention and she let me down.)))

      7/29 - Excuse: Can't find right clasps // Promise: Still looking

      7/27 - Excuse: Waiting on pleather // Promise: Ready to go, just looking for the material

      7/17 - Excuse: None // Promise: Will get coat finished in time for convention, no problem. Will send dress design sketchs.

      7/13 -> 6/28 - Further discussing designs, measurements, patterns, etc. Excuses are like 'Anime Expo is so hectic,' promises are 'next week I'll be able to do a lot more work.'

      6/23 - Excuse: Finishing up last commission // Promise: Your outfits are next priority

      6/20 -> 6/17 - Agreement of trade of commissioned outfits in exchange for my Dollshe Saint. Discussion of said outfits, designing, materials, etc.

      April/May - Before we agreed to trade, I had commissioned her to make me an outfit for one of my boys. She's not fully to blame for the delay as I kept changing my mind about some aspects. But she did promise to send out muslin drafted pieces for me to try on for size and to check the design... never did get any of those. Excuses included cutting herself on broken glass while dishwashing.

      I believe I have been EXCEEDINGLY patient in this matter. I will be very upset and disappointed in the way this has turned out, even if I eventually do get the work she's claimed to have finished.
    3. she was supposed to do a commission for me as well, I wasnt feeling comfortable with her and then someone else posted about her and I filed a claim with paypal. Luckily I got my money back.
    4. Update from me - Huntedrose really pushed the deadline I gave her, but DID provide a scan of a shipping receipt for me last night. So maybe there's hope for others that she's not a thief, but just completely useless at running a BJD clothing business.
    5. I also commissioned HuntedRose. When I had not heard from her in two weeks, I filed a paypal dispute.

      Since then, she has responded, but I am still awaiting pictures of the outfit I commissioned so I can send her the remainder and have the outfit shipped to me.

      Since she has been communicating now and apparently sending items out, I have a little hope that I will get the outfit I commissioned. It's hard to get outfits for odd-sized dolls, which is why I am working with her to get my outfit.
    6. Update. After promising me pictures, HuntedRose never came through. I waited a full week for pictures, then escalated my paypal dispute to a claim.

      Paypal has recieved no communication from HuntedRose, and neither have I. Waiting on paypal to resolve this and return my deposit.

      I was a little sad, as I was really hoping for that suit, but I can't wait around for someone this unreliable.
    7. In my situation, two weeks have past now since she showed me a shipping receipt. But the package has yet to show up. I know sometimes it takes a while for international airmail to come from California and that we are now in the holiday seasons... but I really would have expected it by now. I'm still waiting though...
    8. Dear Deanna Echanique,

      We have concluded our investigation into your case and have decided in your

      We were able to recover $1.09 USD and this amount has been credited to you.
      Please allow five business days for this adjustment to be posted.

      If you are due any additional funds, we will make our best effort to
      recover the balance from the seller.

      If the seller's account has insufficient funds to complete the refund owed
      to you, please be assured that we will take appropriate action against the
      seller's account, which may include limitation of the seller's account

      Transaction Details

      Transaction Date: Oct 5, 2006
      Transaction Amount: -$35.00 USD
      Your Transaction ID: 40S85136JK0978424
      Seller's Transaction ID: 92R54992K9600444R
      Case Number: PP-220-461-815
      Seller's Name: Darker Joy
      Seller's Email: tiirz@comcast.net

      So, in essense, I got $1.09. She responded to none of my emails or PMs, nor to paypal. I'm out $33.91.

      Glad I didn't send her the full cost of the commission.
    9. double post.
    10. I just don't get it. Why did she send some people's stuff (long ago) and now not send anything? *_*