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Feedback for Izumi_Himuro

Feb 10, 2008

    1. So here you can leave Feedback for me!Thanks!!!:aheartbea
    2. Izumi_Himuro did a split with me and she is very pleasant to talk to! She pays on time and replies to messages promptly. I had a very nice transaction with her, thanks again! =D
    3. Izumi_Himuro bought a modded F-03 head from me and paid way quicker than expected (I offered a two week layaway I believe it was since she asked and she paid within a day or two) and was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks! :chocoberry
    4. She bought my Souldoll Boy Body and everything was just fine ^^~
    5. Izumi_Himuro and I traded dolls! She was willing to send me photos as proof of ownership and was willing to ship first! She sent me her MNF Woosoo earlier than she had initially said and he arrived safe and sound! Thank you so much for making my first trade a great experience! Izumi_Himuro also let me know when my doll had arrived at her home and I was glad to see my girl get a new home! :)
    6. Izumi_Himuro bought a ws delf hand from me. Fast payment and very friendly. Thanks!
    7. Izumi_Himuro bought a Delf El head from me. Though she needed a few days to make the payment, on the day she promised to pay she did without missing a beat. She let me know when the head arrived as well! She was a lovely person to deal, great buyer. Thank you so much and enjoy the head! :)
    8. I've had a couple of transactions with Izumi_Himuro now and all have been absolutely fantastic! My most recent sale to her was a CP body and I couldn't have asked for a better buyer. She was very understanding when it came to some shipping issues, her communication is wonderful, and she's very friendly!
    9. I sold her a head back, good communication and fast payment, a pleasure to deal with :)
    10. I sold to Izumi_Himuro a Kassia head and all was totally perfect ^^. She paid promptly and the communication with her was really really good ^^!
    11. Sold a jacket to Izumi_Himuro and the transaction went smoothly. Fast payment and friendly quick communication. Couldn't ask for anything more. Thank you so much!
    12. Izumi_Himuro purchased an item from my shop. Everything went very well and I would love to work with Izumi_Himuro again! Thanks~:aheartbea
    13. I sold a DoT girl body to her and the entire transaction was perfect. Thank you for paying on time~!
    14. Izumi_Hiimuro bought a MNF Neckpeice from me. Perfect buyer, great communication, & payment super quick as well! Highly reccommended! Thanks:)
    15. Izumi_Himuro bought Breccia fox legs from me. ^^
      Perfect person to deal with. Gorgeous communication
      and would definately do business with her again!
      Thanks alot!
    16. Izumi_Himuro bought a Mini Fee head from me, she was lovely to deal with, paid promptly and let me know when the head arrived safely.
      I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Izumi_Himuro to anyone looking for a trouble free transaction.
      Thanks Jess and Enjoy!!
    17. Izumi_Himuro and I entered into a head trade and I couldn't be happier! I recieved a NS Tender Shall head in exchange for a NS Zaoll Muse head.
      Shipping was fast and communication was pleasant and quick! Thank you so much for doing this trade with me!
    18. I purchased a MNF Rheia head and she arrived quickly and as described! I also got some eyes included which I'm really thankful for n___n Would definately buy from again! <3
    19. ive buyd a dod dot shall from her i needed layaway and she was ok with it. in a couple days afer my last payment she sended it and a couple days later ive got het at home.

      thank you so much for the good transaction
      she is so great

    20. Izumi_Humuro bought a wig from me and the transaction was smooth. I was politely informed when they received it too. A wonderful buyer, thanks again! :)