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Feedback for Kitter

Sep 11, 2009

    1. I just realized I didn't have one of these! Please post feedback for me here :)
    2. I did a Dollzone split with Kitter. Kitter got the body and I got the head. Kitter paid super fast, was prompt to reply to all PMs and kept in touch to let me know she received the body and that she was much pleased with him!! Hahaha. A great, responsible and kind buyer, highly recommended.

      Thanks so so much!

      DMM :kitty2
    3. Sold a pair of pants to Kitter! Communication was frequent and pleasant, payment was fast, and she let me know as soon as the package arrived ^.^! A great buyer, deffinately recommended, and would do business with again ^.^!
    4. Kitter participated in my fifth For My Doll group order and everything was simply divine. Communication from her end of things was well kept and invoices were responded to in a timely fashion.

      :bcake:pcake Thank you! :pcake:bcake
    5. i bought an El head for Kitter. the shipping was fast and extremelly well packed. Communication was easy and she's super nice. Thank you very much !
    6. I ran a luts GO with Kitter as one of the participants. They paid super quick, was great with communication, and I highly recommend them to anyone
    7. Kitter participated in a Tata's Paradise GO that I ran! Fast payments and unending understanding made for an extremely pleasant experience! Thanks so much!
    8. Kitter participated in my Fairyland GO. Communication was awesome, and payment was very fast. Would love to deal with her again. :)
    9. Kitter participated in my Tata Go. She was very nice, very understanding and always paid promptly. Very recommended buyer, I would do business with her again anytime ! Thanks so much !
    10. I bought an MSD wig from Kitter which arrived very quickly and in good condition. Highly recommended seller, communication was perfect.

      Thanks! :)
    11. Kitter bought my MNF Shiwoo head. Payment was quick, and communication was amazing =D Awesome buyer! Thank you! =D
    12. Kitter purchased a MNF body from me via a short layaway. She was very friendly to communication with and her payments were made in a timely manner. She kept me updated and very understanding when there was a shipping delay due to my coming down with a cold. Thank you so much for a great transaction!
    13. Kitter participated in my Dollmore GO. I made a mistake, and she was very understanding and patient. She was super friendly to talk with, and all of her payments were made on time. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again!

      Thanks again :)
    14. I did a trade with Kitter for some eyes, communication was great! She's super friendly! Shipping was fast and the eyes are awesome. Thanks so much, I would definitely do business with you again! :D
    15. kitter hopped on my personal FL order to buy a mnf neckpiece. she was very sweet! great communication and quick responses. we agreed on a payment plan (for the piece and then for shipping) and she paid right away for both parts-- and let me know as soon as the piece arrived. excellent and recommended buyer! <3 :D
    16. Kitter participated in my Leeke world GO. She paid quickly and ws very pleasant to deal with, and I highly recomend her.
    17. Kitter commissioned me for her MNF Seorin head. ^___^ Her communication was great and her payment was prompt. It was a wonderful transaction and I would happily do business with her again. ^___^
    18. i did a very cool wig comm. for Kitter.
      the overall transaction was wonderful
      payment was A+
      communication was also A+
      i hope to work with Kitter again in the future <3
    19. Kitter joined my Shelly's eyes GO.
      She was an EXCELLENT GO participant! She paid fast and the whole communication was smooth! This whole GO was a pleasant experience for me ;)
    20. Kitter commissioned me for her Tender Too and Tender Bee-A. It was a pleasure to work with them, and her communication was superb. ^__^ I would definitely do business with her in the future.