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Feedback for Lana Gambino

Apr 19, 2010

    1. My feedback thread. Thank you. :)
    2. In the first of her feedback transactions on DoA, “Lana Gambino” was an amazing buyer. She PMed me about a sale I had on the marketplace and was incredibly polite about making sure the doll in question was still available. She made sure that everything was understandable, and set up a concise layaway plan with me. Payments were incredibly prompt, she always made sure I knew when she'd be transferring the funds to Paypal, and she remained cheerful, energetic, and calm through the whole ordeal (even when our postal service was less than stellar.). She also responded very quickly to my PMs for status updates, and making sure that everything was fine on her end. It was a wonderfully smooth transaction.

      In summary, I would definitely sell to her again; she was a charm to deal with! Cheers!
    3. Lana Gambino commissioned me to paint a head for her. She was fantastic to deal with and I'd love to do business again! <3
    4. Lana Gambino bought Topaz outfits set from me. She was friendly communication. Thank you so much.:)