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Feedback for meeve

Mar 5, 2007

    1. Hi, if you have done any transaction with me, please leave your feedback here ;) thanks!
    2. Sold her one of my boy. Great friendly buyer with prompt communication and fast payment. Thank you.
    3. Extremely prompt communication and lovely to deal with, thanks for participating in my group order!
    4. meeve joined my peroth group order and was prompt in ordering and payment. :3 communication was smooth, and the overall transaction with her was a dream. ^__^ i would totally love for her to join future group orders!!!
    5. Joined her Migidoll Ryu group order. Very responsible, accomodating and efficient organiser with prompt updates. Would love to join her group orders again in the future :D
    6. joined her migidoll group order. she was efficient and kept us constantly updated, easy to get a hold of and very nice. :3

      i would certainly join any future group orders hosted by her!!! ^3^
    7. I participated in her migidoll group order, she kept in good communication with us throughout, and I would definitely join in another group order with her in the future :)
    8. I joined her migidoll grp order~
      She is an nice and friendly seller~ ^^v
      She kept us updated all the times and efficient in reply to us quickly.
      Will definitely join her grp order in future~
    9. She joined several of my group orders and she was really a nice person and always a smooth transaction with her~~ :D
    10. meeve joined my Genesis minimee group order, and was a really great help throughout the whole thing! Thanks again for participating!
    11. Sold a Breakaway vamp 2005 head to meeve :P
      She is a great buyer I never had :)
      Thank you for buying from me!
    12. I commissioned Meeve to do my SDF Frey's and Bliss' faceup. The results were wonderful!

      Also, I joined Meeve's group order and she always kept in touch with everyone. Will recommend her :)
    13. I bought a MD Miho Head from Meeve, It arrived this morning in Perfect condition. ^_^ She was GREAT with conmunication, and so Fast with Replaying to PM's. I would Def. Reccomend her to someone and would Def. buy from her in the future. <3
    14. Meeve bought the cute hands from my Soom Beyla. She paid fast and was patient in waiting for them to arrive to me. Do hope they don't take long to get to her.
    15. Chrom split 100% Ok
    16. Participated in Meeve's Chrome split - she was amazing, taking care of everything really neatly, very nice to talk to and shipping swiftly and safely. Pleasure dealing with her!
    17. I did a group order which Meeve had taken over. She was very available and easy to get into contact with. Shipping was a breeze and everything arrived here in excellent condition! I would definitely do a group or buy with her in the future!!
    18. I was part of a group order that Meeve took over. She was friendly, polite and organised and my Chrom head arrived in perfect condition. I would gladly join any other GO run by Meeve :D
    19. Mod and Make-up 100% Ok, So polite and sweet <3
    20. Meeve did my most precious doll's faceup ever. I'm sorry if I kept disturbing you >< BUT THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE!! <3