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Feedback for Repulsive333

May 15, 2009

    1. Repulsive333 participated in my Dollmore GO and everything went smoothly. Thank you!
    2. Repulsive333 bought a overcoat from me. She is really a very kind buyer. Thank you!!!

      repulsive333 contacted me on September 14th to ask about an MSD shirt I'm selling for $2. I replied and told her that it was available and shipping would be $3. She said she wanted to buy it and I sent her my PayPal email address. She then sent another PM and asked me to send her an invoice because PayPal was not letting her send payments without one. That was the last I heard from her!

      I sent the Paypal invoice on September 15th (I actually sent two because I messed up the first one, immediately canceled it, and sent the correct one) but it was never paid. She also never responded to the reminder I sent her through PayPal.

      repulsive333 has been on DoA regularly but has never contacted me to tell me she was no longer interested, never sent an email, and never canceled the invoice with PayPal. I had no way of knowing that I was holding this shirt needlessly. I will not be selling to her in the future.
    4. repulsive333 bought from me a doll few months ago. Freandly contact, quick paymant and helpful evem few months after :) :aheartbea Very nice customer!

      Thanks again :D
    5. I bought some doll parts from repulsive333. Everything went smoothly and received the parts very quickly! :D
    6. I bought an Amber wig from repulsive333 and she shipped it out very quickly. I'd buy from her again. =)
    7. I sold some boots to her. Very good transaction:D Friendly, responsive and a pleasure to work with.

    8. I bought some doll part from the amber to repulsive333.

      Despite a long delay for the conclusion of the sale (I was the only one to be charge for this problem) the transaction was very pleasant

      Communication was clear and she answer quickly to all my questions.

      Shipping was made quickly and the item were very well packed.

      Thanks a lot.
    9. had a really great transaction with Repulsive333
      would work with again in a heartbeat :)
    10. I just purchased an Obitsu Haruka 60cm WS doll from repulsive333. The transaction was perfect! It was partial trade/partial payment and she shipped the doll very very quickly! Excellent pricing and very friendly and informative!!

      Would definitely buy from again!! I highly recommend her!!

      She's a true asset to DoA!

      God bless! Happy New Year!!

    11. I sold a body to repulsive333. She paid promptly and was easy to work with. Thank you!
    12. I never did get the invoice, and at the time i was in the process of moving and was not paying to close attention to DoA... I apologize for the lack of communication.
      I know that this issue was from a couple of months ago, but i would like to clear my name.
    13. Repulsive333 bought a shirt and a choker from me and was wonderful with communication and payment! Thanks, hun~! :3
    14. made a trade with repulsive333, everything went very well and the item was really well packaged.
    15. Bought some eyes from me - quick and really friendly transaction! Lovely person to deal with!
    16. i've done 2 BJD artwork commission for Repulsive333.PROMPT payment!
      Recommeded & trustful buyer! :)
    17. I sold a black skirt for MSD girl to Repulsive333, payment was prompt and she had notified me after she receive the dress.
      Recommeded buyer~
    18. Repulsive333 bought some MSD clothes and shoes from me, and everything went smoothly! Thanks so much!
    19. Replusive333 traded me an sd head for several commissions. She was quite descriptive about exactly what she wanted and kept excellent communication throughout the transaction. She shipped out promptly once the outfits were completed and let me know when the clothes arrived safely. Thanks so much for amazing transaction and I would love to do business again!!!
    20. Bought a commissioned outfit from me, very lovely buyer and patient!