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Feedback for SeikoKitsune

Oct 20, 2009

    1. I am creating this thread so that people are encouraged to leave feedback for me. I have bought a few things here before, but I was new and didn't realize that I needed to be the one to start this thread!

      Ready set go!
    2. SeikoKitsune participated in a Dollmore GO I ran and ordered a couch and some small items.

      At first the transaction was very smooth and was fine with communication, and I was happy to work with her. But when the item arrived to her, it had been damaged in transit. She contacted me promptly about this.

      Since I felt bad that it had been damaged in transit, I offered a 50% refund from my own pocket. I had no seller's obligation to do this -- she did not insure her package, and once the item leaves my possession, I am not liable for damage.

      She felt my 50% refund was not enough and wanted more compensation. After stating to her that she did not insure her package and that I technically did not have to pay her anything, she settled with the 50% refund. The more these PMs progressed the more she became rude and somewhat pushy. She did apologize for her rudeness afterward, but she could have handled the situation more professionally.
    3. SeikoKitsune was part of dollmore group order. Prompt payment, good communication, I would deal with again! Thanks.
    4. SeikoKitsune was part of a Leeke order I hosted. Quick payment, great communication. Would deal with again! Thanks.