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Feedback for SunnyChan

Sep 11, 2009

    1. My thread Feedback ^^
    2. SunnyChan and I had a great transaction!
      She bought a head from me and everything was friendly and fast.

      Great buyer! ♥ Thank you very much ^^-
    3. Sold a pair of Heliot hooves to SunnyChan. Payment was quick, Communication was excellent and SunnyChan was very pleasant to work with. Thanks! :)
    4. Sunnychan bought a nanuri head from me. Communication was really awesome, despite the language barrier! She was kind enough to wait for me to ship the head! Thanks again <3
    5. I have a GREAT transaction with Sunnychan: i bought a Moon head and all was so perfect with a really very fast shipping and a nice communication ! The package was perfect and Sunnychan added three free wigs with the head ! Thanks soooooooooo much !! Great seller !
    6. I bought a V.Miho head and SDF body from Sunnychan. Everything went great! It arrived very quickly and well packed. There were no problems in communication at all. ^^
    7. I bought a Soom Bygg from SunnyChan. She gave excellent communication and my Bygg was shipped on time and was well packed with everything included in the sales thread. Thankyou so much!
    8. I bought a pair of MNF mag-on hands and she was very helpful. Everything shipped out quickly and safely. She even provided me with a tracking number and the address to track the shipment on! Thanks!
    9. I bought a SDF wintery head from SunnyChan and I was surprised at how fast the head came. I'm disappointed that the face-up wasn't removed completely. In fact, I wasn't aware that any face-ups were put on this head. The wintery head not blank makes my job harder. I don't know if I would purchase from this seller.
    10. SunnyChan organized an order of 11 fur wigs from my shop, and she was wonderful to work with every step of the way. Her communication was excellent, and payment was prompt. It took longer than expected for the wigs to travel through the post, and Sunny was very patient and understanding while I contacted the post office to ask about searching for the package. When the wigs finally did arrive, she informed me immediately and we were both very happy that the post had not eaten them.

      SunnyChan was fantastic to communicate and work with and I'd definitely recommend her!
    11. I traded my OE Lu-wen head and OE Beyla head for her Breccia legs/paws. Everything went very smoothly and arrived in good condition.
    12. I bought a Sleeping Breakaway 08 on layaway from Sonia/ Today I received him, well packed, unstrung, but it was very easy to put him back because Sonia saved strings for hands and legs in the body. Thanks!
      She is very nice person to communicate, also she ships fast.
      I will highly recommend her as a Seller!

      with love,
    13. I bought a doll from Sunnychan and it was a pleasure: the communication was perfect from the begining to the end.
      The doll was shipped fastely and safely!!
      A perfect seller!
      thanks ;)
    14. Hi, Sunny Chan bought an outfit from me, lovely person, fast payment, good comms, what more can I say? Yve :)
    15. I bought a minifee Chloe head from SunnyChan.
      She was really nice and fast shipping.
      A amazing seller^^

      Thank you much.
    16. Sunnychan replied to my WTB for a DDdy body. The transaction was smooth and she was a very generous seller. Thank you again!
    17. SunnyChan and I had a great transaction!

      I bought her a MNF Rheia

      Generous seller, very good communication

      Thanks a lot !
    18. Sunnychan participated in my Tom Hiddleston GO. Everything was smooth, even when the head came back to me they were easy to work with. Thankyou!
    19. I bought a Delf body from Sunnychan. Everything worked fine. Friendly conversation, extra pics of the body. Package arrived well packed and body is in great condition. Thanks a lot! :)
    20. We bought from Sunnychan Luts Delf Lu-wen! The transaction passed perfectly well! We are very happy.:lol: