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Feedback For Thav

Apr 11, 2008

    1. [*********]Please leave feedback here if you have had a transaction with me. :)

    2. I did a faceup for Thav. She was very friendly and wonderful with communication ^^
    3. I bought an Orientdoll Tae from her.

      She was prompt and friendly in her communication, and sent the package quickly.

      He was well packed, not only with bubblewrap, but newspaper, and an extra large box around him.
    4. I just completed a trade with Thavron and she was a complete joy to deal with. She shipped her item, a pair of boots, the same day. They arrived quickly and in beautiful condition. Communications were prompt and friendly. I'd recommend dealing with her without hesitation and hope to trade with her again!
    5. I recently sold a Delf Jess head to Thav and she was great to deal with. :)

      Prompt PMs and payment, and she let me know when the head arrived - perfect! :)
    6. Thav bought an FCS SD13 from me on layaway, and it went perfectly! She was a dream! She sent payments on time without being reminded, and even prepared in advance for the holidays by making her payment early before going out of town. She was always in touch when needed and responded to all PMs right away. In short, a real pleasure to deal with, and someone I wouldn't hesitate to deal with again.
    7. Another post to add something I forgot to mention that really DESERVES mention! Thavron is honest to a fault, as proved by the fact that when I first invoiced her for the doll she purchased, I made an error and gave her a total around $100 less than it should have been. I never would have caught it. Thavron did, though, and corrected me. It is such a pleasure to encounter honest individuals like her. I was genuinely astounded; I would have expected most people to take advantage of my error.
    8. I sold SOOM-Ai to Thavron.
      It was wonderful transaction, polite communication and on time payment ^^b
      Highly recommended for ^^
    9. Thavron bought some handmade clothes from me. Communication was great and she paid swiftly. I would highly recommend her.
    10. Thavron bought some eyes and a necklace from me, the transaction was very smooth and she is just wonderful to deal with. Highly recommended!

      Thank you again! ​
    11. I piggybacked on a Leekeworld and a Safrindoll order. As i know Thavron personally, we arranged the packages to be sent to my house. She let me know as soon as she received the orders. would do business with her anytime ^^
    12. Thav bought a dreads wig from me. She paid really fast and have let me know when she get the wig , really fast transaction thank you ^^
    13. Thavron ordered two fur wigs from me and was fantastic to work with! Quick and friendly communication, quick payment, and let me know when the wigs arrived safely, as requested.

      Definitely a great transaction and a recommended buyer! Thank you!
    14. Thav bought a Soom Love me or Die Beryl and Coquina Hooves off me recently and was fantastic to deal with. She paid super fast and communication throughout was great especially considering I had some personal factors that delayed some of her emails and ultimately delayed my shipment to her! Thanks!
    15. I sold a Soom Minette to Thavron on a short layaway and she was great to deal with! Great communication, payed off the layaway early on, let me know when the doll arrived, very friendly. ;)
    16. :aheartbea Thavron was so pleasant to work with! She's in Australia, but doing business was so smooth, it was just as easy as a domestic transaction! Fast payment, VERY good communication... very friendly and a pleasure to do business with... all around! :) Thanks for giving Mikhaila a good home! :aheartbea
    17. Thav commissioned me for a cloak from my shop Cloak Works. A wonderful transaction, friendly communication, fast payment, I highly recommend!
    18. I traded a pair of boots with Thavron- it was an excellent transaction! She shipped the boots on the agreed date, and they were in perfect condition- thanks so much, I would be more than happy to trade with Thav again :D
    19. I bought Soom Chalco head from Thavron and it was excellent transaction!
      Well communication and fast shipping! Thanks! ^^
    20. Thavron participated in my Leekeworld GO. She was really friendly and pleasant to deal with and responded super fast when Leekeworld informed me of an issue with an item she ordered. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again :kitty2