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Feedback for ToraKo

Feb 3, 2009

    1. I didn't see a thread for her, so here's one :)

      I sold an SD furwig to ToraKo. She paid quickly and was understanding an patient of a delay that I had in sending her wig out. She notified me and left me a feedback promptly after receiving the item. I'm very happy with the transaction with her and I wouldn't hesitate to sell to her again ^_^

    2. i sold a elysia head to ToraKo,
      she was very sweet to deal with, and had very good communication, there was a little problem with her bank (not her fault),so she could not pay in time.
      She told me timely and even told me i could sell the doll to someone else if it was to long a wait for me...she kept me informed and payed as soon as the problem was solved...
      After the doll was send she let me know that the head arrived safely...
      She is very sweet to work with,good and clear communication...
      i will recommend her, and it was a pleasure to do business with her!

      thank you!

    3. ToraKo commissioned me to make a few little prince outfits for her Bambicrony. She was patient, understanding and kept excellent communication! She also paid promptly and let me know when her items arrived! A pleasure to do business with and highly recommended!!! Thanks so much for the wonderful transaction!!!
    4. I bought wig and eyes fron TaraKo. She was great to deal with. Communication was exellent and a pleasure to do bisiness!!!
    5. traded with each other and it went really great, very pleased all around. super fast on shipping out too,,like lightning.

    6. I sold some minifee items to Torako and it was a perfectly smooth transaction. She was friendly, prompt with payment and let me know when they arrived. Thanks
    7. I sold an Iplehouse JID Amy to ToraKo. She paid very quickly and is really nice. It was a pleasure to deal with her.

    8. I sold a pair of eyes to ToraKo! she was fast on payment, very friendly and fast answer me to my pm´s, it was a pleasure to deal with her :D i hope see you again!
    9. I sold a Supia Haeun to ToraKo!
      She was really kind and friendly - everytime!
      All payments came prompt and it was a pleasure
      to deal with hear! I highly recommend her!!
    10. A+ as a great buyer. fast payment & great communication. ^__^
    11. ToraKo bought a pair of boots from me and the transaction couldn't have gone better. Great buyer, fast payment and her communication was perfect. I would definitely do business with again, thanks!
    12. Awesome seller! I bought a DOI body from ToraKo. Communication was top notch and she's a very sweet person to deal with. I'd definitely buy from her again. :) Thank you!
    13. ToraKo bought a Shoshon outfit from me. Paid very quickly and was a great person to deal with. Thank you! :)
    14. ToraKo sold me her Musedoll girl body on layaway. Communication was very good throughout and she was very tolerant, especially when there was a long gap between the first and second payments!

      She packed the body very well and shipped it in good time. I'm very satisfied and it was a great transaction. Thank you! :)
    15. ++POSITIVE++

      ToraKo purchased a shirt from my shop. ToraKo paid quickly, had great communication and was super easy to work with! A+ ^^/
    16. I bought some shoes from Torako, and it was a great transaction. Thanks again so much.
    17. I purchased a wig and some eyes from ToraKo and it was a truly wonderful transaction. ToraKo is generous, friendly and polite. The items were sent very quickly following my payment and are in excellent condition, she also enclosed a small gift which was a lovely surprise and made my day...

      Thank you so much ToraKo
    18. I bought a wig from ToraKo and she was wonderful to deal with. She was very friendly with good communication and quick shipping.
      The wig is absolutely lovey, thank you very much!
    19. I bought a DollClans Jaquer head from ToraKo, my very first purchase on DoA! She shipped it out almost immediately, and even sent a pair of gorgeous eyes! The head is in excellent condition, and was carefully wrapped. Also, she was incredibly kind and pleasant to talk to, which really helped because I was so nervous! I would definitely buy from her again, given the chance. Thank you!!
    20. I bought a sadol jacket from her and everything was perfect. She shipped right away and arrived quickly. Thank you again