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Feedback for wildefae

Jan 12, 2008

    1. Please leave your feedback for me if we've had any sort of transaction (buying or selling); I'll do the same for you!
    2. I just completed a commission for Wildfae and it couldn't have gone more smootly. Payment was super-fast. Communications were prompt and friendly. It was just a joy from start to finish and I hope to deal with Wildfae again!

      Thank you!
    3. Side note: My ebay feedback is available here.
    4. Wildefae bought doll eyes from me. She paid quickly and let me know when the package arrived. A pleasure to do business with.
    5. Wildefae commissioned a pair of pants from me. Everything went smoothly, definitely A+ transaction and recommended. Thanks very much! ^^
    6. Wildefae ran a Minimee G.O. (Sandman's Death!) I participated in and did a fantastic job of it. She ran the G.O. smoothly - lots of communication, made sure everyone had a chance to voice their opinions, collected payment in a timely fashion, etc. I'd work with her again, for sure.
    7. I have to concur with everything _fx said previously: I was in the same group order, and Wildefae did an awesome job, communicating very effectively with both Denny/DIM and with the rest of us at each step of the way. I would gladly participate in any group order run by her in the future, because she was very organized and friendly. All in all it was a great group order experience, and for that I have Wildefae to thank.
    8. And the same here. :) Wildefae is so friendly and well-organized. A fun group order all around!
    9. I recently bought a shirt and 2 pairs of eyes from Wildefae. :) The transaction went smoothly and quicky, and everything was exactly as described. The items came super fast! Thank you for the wonderful transaction!
    10. Catching up on my buyerly duties -- bought some clothing from wildefae in late May. Lovely person to deal with, excellent transaction!
    11. I painted wildefae's Regan. She was a charm to deal with. She was very patient even with the numerous amount of delays that I had. SHE HAS THE PATIENCE OF A SAINT.

    12. I bought the most beautiful Narae from her and I couldn't be more happy. She was great to deal with and sent lots of extras. I'd recommend her to anyone
    13. Wildefae sold me a DOD E-an. She was very reasonably priced, and she even through in some clothes so she wouldn't have to be naked. She arrived securely packaged and in perfect condition. She was quick to respond to all PMs and communication was flawless. I would definitely to business with her again! Thanks Wildefae!! :)