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Feedback for Wittyilynamed

Dec 4, 2010

    1. If you've had any dealings with me, please leave your feedback. ^_^
    2. I've sold two pairs of 6mm doll eyes to wittilynamed.
      The payment was quick n she lets me know when it arrives.
      I'd be glad to sell to her again^^
    3. I bought a Soom minigem, Fairy Legend Idrial from her. She came as described, was very informative and was great to communicate with ^^ Highly recommended seller. She came to very quick over the weekend :)
    4. Wittilynamed joined my first Leekeworld GO ^ ^ She pays so quick, and is so nice~ She made my first experience as a GO leader great!! thnak you so much <333
    5. Wittyilynamed brought a mohair wig from me, she is a very good buyer, great communication and fast pay. I like do business with her. ^ ^
    6. Wittyilynamed bought a gown from me, she is very nice in cummunication and the payment was fast. I am sorry that I haven't answered fast because I was busy during these days.^^b
    7. wittyilynamed took part in my Dollmore GO, she was great to deal with, made quick payments and let me know when the package arrived to her which I ALWAYS appreciate. I would gladly do business with her again!
    8. Wittyilynamed was one of the members in my recent Tata GO. When I discovered one of her items was missing from the order, she was very patient until I was able to reach a conclusion with Tata. She was awesome all around, and I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again :)
    9. Wittyilynamed was part of my Leekeworld GO. Prompt payer and a great buyer, and was very friendly when we had to change our order because of a sold out item. Thanks so much!! :)
    10. I painted two face ups for Wittyilynamed ^ ^ She is very kind, and keeps up with communication very well and very quick; She also sends payments when she says she plans to~ Thank you for choosing to commission me to make paint your dollies, and I hope we are able to work together again in the future~ i highly recommend her! ^u^ !!
    11. took place in my May 2012 Group Order. Everything went really really well would recommend to anyone, would love to work with again! (Sorry for the huge delay!)
    12. POSITIVE

      I had a very successful transaction with Wittyilynamed.
      Communication was prompt and friendly :)
      Wittyilynamed was kind enough to allow me to purchase her Feeple65 Chloe outfit on layaway ^-^
      It arrived very quickly and I love it :D
      We did have a little hiccup at one point when we realized the original selling thread had been deleted and could no longer reference it.
      It wasn't anyone's fault and everything was worked out super easily!
      Wittyilynamed even sent me a partial refund on my shipping when it turned out to be cheaper than originally estimated.
      Overall a very positive experince and I would love to do business again in the future:aheartbea
    13. I recently had a positive transaction with Wittyilynamed! I purchased her F65 Chloe in full and communication was wonderful. We had a snafu when the thigh joint cracked in shipping, but the doll was fully insured. After filing a claim, I was able to get a refund for the cost of shipping and for replacing the joint. Wittyilynamed was very kind and ordered the replacement through FL for me. Throughout the whole thing, she kept me updated and let me know when it arrived. Then it came to me safe and sound! I applaud her helping me see it through to get the doll fixed. Thank you so much~! <3
    14. I bought a Granado Gitana from Wittyilynamed and it was easy and stress free! Gitana came in her original box and factory-fresh and was shipped very promptly--communication was super too! I would buy any time from Wittyilynamed!