Feedback Rules & Guidelines

May 3, 2010

    1. Feedback Rules & Guidelines

      The feedback forums are provided to promote safer buying and selling. Please read the Tips for Safer Buying and Selling.

      Create a thread for yourself if one does not already exist. To link it from your profile:
      1. Copy the URL of your feedback thread.
      2. Go to Personal Details.
      3. Scroll to the bottom. Paste the URL of your thread in the box that says feedback. Do not put any other text or code in this box.
      4. Click Save Changes.
      Feedback threads are not created automatically; they can be made by you or someone who has had a transaction with you. If you are starting a thread for another member, title it neutrally, "Feedback for [username]." Do not post a new thread for each transaction, and don't leave feedback for others in your own feedback thread.

      Please occasionally do a search for your own username; if you find that there are multiple feedback threads for you, ask the moderators and we will happily merge them for you.

      Leaving Feedback
      For buyers and sellers:
      • there is an exchange of money or goods.
      • there is an exchange of services, including unpaid services such as "free" faceups.
      • the buyer or seller commits to a deal but flakes without completing it.

      For hosted orders:
      • Group order organizers may leave feedback for participants and vice versa.
      • Custom manufacturing organizers may leave feedback for participants and vice versa.

      We encourage members to leave whatever feedback is appropriate.

      Feedback posts can only be edited for two minutes. After this, they cannot be edited or deleted, so post with care.

      Be calm, rational and factual. Rants and personal attacks are not allowed in feedback and will be removed.

      Uninvolved parties may not comment on feedback threads. Posts by uninvolved members will be removed.

      Do not leave personal feedback on Den of Angels for off-forum transactions (e.g. items bought, sold or traded, or commissions agreed offsite) unless you have followed a link in an established Den of Angels Marketplace thread.

      Types of Feedback
      • Positive feedback goes in the member's individual feedback thread.
      • Neutral feedback goes in the member's individual feedback thread. It may be left if your transaction was ultimately successful but had noteworthy problems. (i.e. They sent the head uninsured, in a small box without any sort of padding; however, it did arrive safely and on time.)
      • Flaky feedback can be left in the member's individual feedback thread for these reasons:

        For buyers:
        • Agreeing to the sale and then changing one's mind for any reason
        • Canceling a hold after more than one week
        • Reneging on a winning auction bid
        • Defaulting in a hosted order
        • Reserving a commission space for a specific time frame, then canceling

        For sellers:
        • Agreeing to sell to a specific person and canceling the sale
        • Agreeing to sell at a specific price, then selling at a higher price to someone else
        • Agreeing to a set price and then trying to raise it due to another offer, fees, etc.

        For swaps:
        • Swap organizers may leave flaky feedback for participants who do not fulfill swap requirements or who fail to complete the swap.
        • Swap participants may leave flaky feedback for organizers who fail to keep to their own swap requirements and/or observe forum rules regarding swaps.
        • "Swap requirements" refers to things such as the parameters of the items being swapped and the set timeframe of the swap. Subsequent posting of photos may be encouraged but cannot be made a condition for positive feedback or grounds for neutral or flakey feedback.

        Flaky feedback cannot be left for the following situations and will be removed:
        • Inquiring about price or shipping cost, then choosing not to buy
        • Indicating interest if the conditions of the sale change (no interest in the current offer)
        • Declining a second-chance offer as a non-winning
        • Saying one "might" or "may" be interested
      • Negative feedback goes in Problem Transactions. Contact the other member before starting a negative feedback thread. Ideally, we hope problems can be reduced privately to neutral transactions. However, if they ignore your concerns or do not respond in a timely manner, you are justified in leaving negative feedback.

        Give a calm, factual account of the problem, including how you would like to see it resolved, and update by making additional posts to that thread. Post a link to this in the member's individual feedback thread.

        Do not use Problem Transactions to leave Negative feedback for swaps. Problem Transactions can be used to begin Paging threads for missing swap organizers, but under no circumstances can Negative feedback be left for swaps. Swap feedback must be left in individual feedback threads and can be Positive, Neutral or Flaky only.
        • If you cannot get in touch with a swap organizer, please bump the swap thread. If there has been no response within a reasonable about of time, participants may begin a Paging thread for swap organizers. If a organizer fails to meet the swap requirements participants may leave flaky feedback.
        • If you cannot get in touch with a swap participant, bump the swap thread. If a participant fails to meet the swap requirements, the organizer may leave flaky feedback.

        If you are not sure whether your situation warrants flaky or negative feedback, please ask the moderators.
      Company Feedback

      Feedback for companies goes in Company Reviews. Do a search before starting a new thread for a company.
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