Fen Jie Xian Fairies / Dividing line bjd

Oct 5, 2021

    1. These dolls are YoSDs that are released on a limited run in a 'lucky box' system and the basic ones are only offered in MDD semi-white and blank.
      There are 5 basic sculpts and 3 special ones (in the special colors: purple and black and 1 transparent one)
      If you buy a 6-pieces set, you are guaranted to get all the 5 basic ones and a random 6th once. That can either be one of the basic ones or one of the specials.

      These dolls also seem to be known as dividing line bjd.

      This are the sizes:
      height:27.5 cm
      head size:16.7 cm => 6-7" wig
      neck size;:5 cm
      shoulder width: 6.8cm
      bust size: 12.3cm
      waist size: 10.3cm
      hip size: 14.5cm
      arm:7 cm
      thigh girth:8 cm

      I was told they take 12-14mm sized eyes.


      With the data out of the way, let's enjoy our anticipation and plans with these cuties! :D
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    2. I'm getting just one! I'm excited for any type I get. They're all so cute. I can't figure out how I want them styled though. I'm hoping when they are in-hand I will figure it out, but that means they'll be bald and naked for a bit!
    3. I’ve been really into anime dolls recently, so I got 2! One from a group order on Instagram and one directly from the artist’s taobao.

      I usually do mockups of anime dolls I'm going to get in Procreate, but since I don't know which ones I'm getting I guess I'll just wait :sweat I really hope I don't get 2 of the same sculpt, that would be a bummer. That's always the worst thing about blind boxes. I guess I'd just mod one if I got a double.
    4. I admit I got a full set of 6 and have more or less plotted out what ‚role‘ I want them to take on/represent, but haven’t gone in full detail planing yet.

      With the exception of 3 I‘m still variable and I‘m super excited to find out what that random one is going to be.

      Two of the three I‘ve plans for will take a swin imto dyeing pots.
      Green for the little one with the teeth - it’s going to become an adorable treasure goblin - and blue for the one with the o-mouth - I want that style that ond like the little chinese zombies (not unlike QiQi from Genshin Impact game).

      I‘m actually contemplating getting another set seeing as the sale is still going on until Nov 15th and I‘m rather inspired with more ideas xD

      @Thymeseer I think it’s best to stay flexible and see what jumps at you when it’s there. Seeing how you don‘t know which one will come it’s making planing hard, no? XD

      @0bsequi0us Oh, two! Crossing fingers!

      Pretty sure there will be a lot of people looking to trade one or another. The artist is already making more than originally planned due the massive interest (which will also make production times longer for those joining in later, I am expecting, as the earlier orders need to be worked off first).

      Since you are into anime dolls? Do you have a recommendation for anime eyes? My treasure goblin needs the ‚cashing‘ ones with the ✨ glitter ✨ in the eyes and I don‘t usually have a need for those.

      On a side note, I‘m already looking into places for shoes and accessories and perhaps even outfits for one or another :3 Any recommendations for this size? (I‘m usually over in the MSD section and occasionally the SD one and while I already have a few yosds I’m not really knowledgeable about sellers for stuff for these cuties :p
    5. @Snowy One taobao shop immediately came to mind for that kind of eye, actually! :lol: They're the acrylic kind but I think they might be similar to what you're looking for: {x} {x}

      TBH though I find anime eyes pretty hard to size 12-14mm seems so small compared to what I'm used to!
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    6. I ordered one from Clover Singing as a doll blind box sounded like fun and all the variations look cute, so... I don't have any plans for it yet and I think I'll decide what to do with it when I actually get it.
    7. @0bsequi0us Oh! Thank you :D already bookmarking them and putting them into an excel file where I shall collect until I've got things together and am ready to order XD

      Oh? I thought 12-14 is a pretty standard size, but as I'm usually not planing anime-style dolls, I suppose I wouldn't know. I just feel like I keep running into them when looking for my MSD or SD crew XD

      @namika That's my trusted seller too XD It was funny as I at first one was like: I only want like these two with the elf ears, I have no use for those with open mouths and will trade them in. Now I'm like: I need all of them and maybe twice, if my mind won't stop coming up with ideas that I love XD

      I've actually three MSD characters that I'm contemplating 'giving' the one or other to as (summonalbe) minions XD
    8. Just wanted to share a heads-up, that currently the september orders are expected for February, the october ones for March.
      The delay is mainly due to the massive number of orders that came rushing in and also a bit due to the chinese new year holiday.

      I've done some eye, wig and shoe shopping - at least for the first bunch, which is now on the way. Really looking forward to customize these cuties :D
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    9. The delivery of these guys seems to be all over the place :sweatOne of mine actually just arrived at my agent yesterday, while I haven't heard anything about the one I bought through a dealer. I'm pretty sure I bought them both on the exact same day (9/10), so it's interesting that delivery would be so different based solely on where you place your order. *_*

      (I'm definitely excited though, I got one of the ones I wanted! Hopefully shipping doesn't hold it hostage for months like all my other dolls lately OTL)
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    10. @0bsequi0us Oh my! Congratulations!!!
      Which one did you get? :D
      Crossing fingers for quick and safe arrival.
    11. @Snowy I got #1 (I don't know if they have official names, to be honest)
      So the one with the smiling closed mouth and smiling eyes.

      Also now that I know which one I'm getting, I've been able to do mockups! Which features I go with will depend on how defined the mouth sculpt is in person. :3nodding:
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    12. @0bsequi0us Oh, nice one :D Did your agent send you that pic?
      I did some mock-ups with the shot shots of the head-close ups that were avaible for some planning and plotting.
    13. @Snowy Oh yeah, you got all 6! It'll definitely be interesting to see what you do with all of them, in a way I feel like I got the easiest one! :XD:the open mouth ones in particular seem like they would be hard to work with.

      And nah, I tried to use my agent's pic but it was too small. That's just a pic from the dealer's instagram where I bought mine. :3nodding:
    14. @Vitarja Oh, that's a really lovely idea ^^ I definitly think it's fun and you can still trade if you'd rather have another :3

      I generally hope there will be owner pics at all soon XD
    15. I was trying to figure out what this company was called! I did a group order with local collectors and are our box arrived. I have my two in hand and they are super cute! Honestly also much nicer than I expected considering the price point
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    16. @Kim It's awesome to hear that you already have yours! Which ones did you get? I'm so excited to see what everyone does with theirs! :D
    17. We need pictures! :XD:
    18. @Kim Congrats !!! That was fast!!!
      Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! XD
      So curious to see which ones you got :D
    19. soooooo cool, congrats! :)