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Fishy Ebay auctions~Volks dolls for $160?

Oct 19, 2007

    1. I just found it a bit odd that someone in Japan is offering 3 new in box, Volks dolls for starting bids of $99. Right now there is a Nono basic version for $160 and Sara for $311.
      Not to mention they are only posting photos from the Volks website.

      Does anyone else think this is a little fishy? If not, what a great price. *shifty eyes*

    2. It does seem a bit odd....they don't have much feedback as a seller either. Maybe they will just assume the bids will go high?
    3. That is interesting, did you guys see the other auctions, something like 289,000 dollars for rare toys? If that is real than that is an amazing price! but i think it's fishy too...
    4. Have you asked them yet for the proof picture? You know, a quick snapshot with something identifyable to prove they actually have the dolls in their possesion? I mean, I can see some of the special sets of the Volks 1/6 dolls for that price, but not a Nono or Sara...
    5. Exactly was I was thinking Tro.
      I mean, if that really is their price and they actually did have them in hand, that would be an incredible price. It just reeks of scam to me.

      I just emailed them asking for a photo of the doll in their house or other proof that they have her in hand.
      I mean, even if they didn't know how much she was worth, you can buy a basic version Nono from the VolksUSA site for $600-something. So I am sure they looked that up before listing her seeing as they have other very high priced items up for auction.
    6. It's 10pm and still no word back from the seller with regard to my request for photos of the doll in hand. I'll take that as a bad sign.
    7. Actually that was exactly the thought I had when I saw those dolls. I have two boys up now on ebay and thought I'm in trouble as the other prices would killl my auctions (Lati Rucas and Limhwa Limho)
    8. They only have feedback as a buyer.. only speaking for me here but I would steer clear of such an auction I do suspect though shes hoping the auctions will go high.. sometimes if it doesnt go as high as planned they decide to tell you the item isnt avail for whatever reason . and they recoup there fees

      I wouldnt call it fishy But I would be concerned
    9. Good points all around.
      I didn't receive a reply to my first request for a photo of the doll with their name on it etc...so I just sent them a second request with a note on how much I want to bid on the doll.
      I will let you ladies know if I ever get a reply from them.
    10. 3 emails and not one reply...the auctions don't state the condition of the dolls yet his other auctions have photos with his name on them and decent descriptions of the toy's condition.
      He even asks that if you have questions to write him...but never answers them.
      I am just concerned that the people bidding will get screwed.
    11. The no answers thing bugs me however seeing as the other things in the store are typical ebay-stuff (jeans and toys, bags, etc) I think she may just not know what the dolls are, or their typical asking price. Until recently, searches on ebay for Volks and stuff.. just brought up volkswagen, etc.

      EDIT: I didnt want to bug people with another post in this thread however since the other things have come to light, her bumping her own products prices up and just being odd in general, I just wanted to confirm for you first page readers that I'm not really -too- stupid :P hehe.

      It does seem fishy now. She's won all her auctions so far, right? So, maybe she is only trying to up her feedback. If someone else won :( I pity them.
    12. I agree that it's fishy. I had a similar encounter where complete boxsets of anime dvds were only $10 but I ended up paying around $100+ for shipping and handling. Hmmmm...buyer beware!
    13. I thought for a while...eh...maybe its just someone dumping old stock, but I think it is far more likely to be that this person got their acct jacked.
    14. Well, she finally wrote me back to all my emails saying she is curently on vacation and unable to post photos of the dolls at home.
      However, she did tell me that they are indeed new in box, but from 2003 stock. So if anyone knows Volks dolls well enough to know if the Sara, Nono and Ryo were actually around in 2003, she might be for real. BUT...would they be considerably yellowed over 4 years of storage time? Would the resin quality match todays heads if you purchased the doll to swap bodies with another etc?
    15. Now the people bidding the price up are all with either extremely low feedback or none at all. I hope nobody loses money on this one. :(
    16. I wouldn't be surpised if the zero feedback bidders are fake accounts to pump the bidding up. I had a seller contact me, after a person with no feedback won the auction, to see if I still wanted the item. But both parties had already given each other positive feedback immediatley after the auction ended.
      If the have a fake account win the auction they can give each other positive feedback then scam you to do the tranaction out of ebay for the same item, I wouldn't be surprised if that is what this person is doing.
    17. If they are from 2003, weren't the old bodies with the "notched" kneecaps(as seen in the photo of him) still in effect? I wasn't around the hobby during that time, but I think that's the case. Just a little .02 for ya! ;3
    18. and now the auctions are gone?
    19. The nono is still there though the auction is over. But you can still view it::

      If you look at the bidding history you will see they had another new account "Magicsky.dai" (their Ebay store is named "Magic Sky") that they used to bump up the price and ended up outbidding the actual customers and selling to themselves! LOL

      With the Sara auction:
      it ended with the same situation. They used yet another name to bump up the price on that auction too!!! This time she used the name "dadadadaiki". She signed her replies to me with the name "Daiki."

      She is now using the following Ebay seller names:

      Officially one word for this seller:::::::::::::SCAMMER
      Don't buy from them. Something is seriously fishy.