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Flaker Feedback for icklemissus

Jul 13, 2009

    1. Icklemissus joined my group order for Fairyland to do a split on a Minifee body, 3 days before the group order is closing I had to pm her and ask what type of hands she wanted on her body, she then lets me know that she has found another GO and has already paid for the body over there.

      It would have been nice of her to let me know when she paid for the other body, not to wait for me to inquire about her order 3 days beforehand, it would have made me even more angrier if I had found out on the day of the order closing when I sent out invoices.

      I have nothing against her going to another GO but it is common courtesy to let someone know that you are not in the order anymore so they can find accomodations /replace you fast enough.