Negative Feedback For ibjd - NOT FULLY RESOLVED, MP BANNED

Jun 20, 2011

    1. Hello I tried to send you a message but your inbox is full:


      Hello I was wondering if the package had been sent back to you? The tracking number you gave dose not show any more information on the tracking website.

      It had been almost a month since I completed payment.

      I hope you reply soon becuase I am starting become very unhappy on how long this is taking. I have spent a lot of money on the outfit.

      Please respond,

      ~ Elysion Gear


      If you can please clear out some messages from your inbox, we'll discuss this in private.
    2. ibjd was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Trying to contact as well ibjd about my head I sent her for a face-up 5 weeks ago.
      She told me she had to redo the face-up after some mistakes and I wanted to know how much longer it would take.
    4. The shipping delay may be just from the postal strike, But I still would like to get in contact with IBJD
    5. I see other people were paging you; since your inbox is full I wanted to see if you had a chance to ship my head back to me. Thank you.
    6. Hello my dear. I see your inbox is full. I just wanted to know how my face up commission on my dreaming cherry is coming along. Thank you!
    7. [​IMG]

      I have final exam during the end of June, and my airbrush was broken ...I waiting for it since long time ago.

      Please check if it is ok.

      I'm soooooooo sorry for the delay.

    8. I have sent out your dress more than one month, and I gave you the tracking number.

      You also told me you check the tracking number it say it stay in postoffice.

      Please check that tracking number and call canada post.
    9. Hi, dear, your doll was done. I will update your photo tomorrow.

      Thank you >3333<
    10. I didn't get your e-mail.

      you'd better call canadapost at first.

      The tracking number which is 0100778000374726. &#8592;I value it as full price when I send it, if you want , I can help you call Canadapost to tell them the package is lost. They will pay the refund to you.

      Told them that you change the address and did not get the package yet.
    11. Here is the tracking detail, if you have anyproblem to talk with canadapost's customer servise, I can help you call them.

    12. Hi&#65292;I really apologize for rely u so late.

      Since the end of June is the exam time,so I have no time to send your item. The postoffice is far away from my home.

      I have sent out it the day before yesterday, It will take 7-15 business day to arrive.

      Thank you for your understanding.
    13. Hi&#65292;I have delete some messages ~

      Sorry for that ~
    14. Please check if it is ok. XD

      Your purple eyelash didn't show I attch another pair of eyelash which cover that one.


    15. Thank you, I'll let you know when he arrives.

    16. I have called Canada Post's toll free number and I didn't get any service at all.

    17. The tracking status on the Canada post website has not changed,
      The expected delivery date was on: 2011/05/10 (May 10th)
      The last time it was scanned/traced: 2011/06/03 (June 6th)

      It is now been over 2 months since it was posted and a month that it went missing.

      I have decided that I want try and file for the lost package, but the it's the sender who has to file for it.

      I really would like my funds back, I will have no choice but to post negative feedback for IBJD for the missing outfit BUT Only if I don't get my money back. :(

      - I have sent IBJD this message in her PM -

      I have decided that that I will not wait any longer,

      Since the package was sent by you you must be the one to file for lost claims. and send me the funds for the lost outfit.

      Please respond soon,
    18. I still did not recieve the tracking number for my head I sent on May 15th.
      I was suppose to get the tracking number July 5th but I recieve no PM from Ibjd and she did not log on forum since.
    19. Hi, sorry for everyone.
      I have discontinue the agreement with Internet company this month, just have find a new plan, so I can not login DOA these days.
      Incase, I have sent out all dolls before that, but I have no time to give u back the tracking number . Hopefully you guys all ready get them.

      &#12304;To Sweden&#12305;
      Tracking Number:CP231725773CN
      Shipping fee:$32

      &#12304;To USA Cherry&#12305;
      Tracking number:CP231725800CN
      Shipping fee:$43

      &#12304;To USA DOD&#12305;
      Tracking number:CP213725787CN
      Shipping fee: $28

      I can not remember how much did u pay for me, this is the final price for shipping.
      Please send me the price difference after you get the doll. (the PP address doesn't change)Thank you.
      I'm soooooooooooooooo Sorry for the reply you so late.

    20. Thank you for the tracking numbers, but I cannot find my cherry. Would you please send me the website where I can view the tracking. Also, please let me know if you shipped my eyes with my dollie. Thank you!