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Negative Feedback for lovegreen1989

Aug 27, 2010

    1. in July I started to pay for a body domu layaway, which it said was in perfect condition and tension, I hasten to payments when I warmly receivedby effort to pack my dreams fell.
      "(HOLD) Domuya Flexi Perennial Boy Body $270-20= $250 (not including shipping) (HOLD)
      It came in 2008 and have a little yellowing. I used to fit my volks schC head so I think it is match with volks normal skin. I will put it in the angell studio box cause I threw the original box. He restring for twice so it can stand perfectly. Also, I purchase an official neck park for it so it can fit Volks or other companies' head."
      said in the messanger but is all lied.
      The doll did not come tight and nothing was completely clogged with purple spots on various body parts.
      for more part of the body
      More part are dirty with msc
      Hits various body parts
    2. More photos:
      Grated from the forearm to the hand
    3. Send the photos to the seller and remains silent, as has already claimed the money does not mind the actual state of what sold.
    4. This member is Being Paged. Was this ever resolved?
    5. This member was last on the forum yesterday. Please update as to resolution. Thank you.