"For My Doll" Elisha?

Mar 28, 2007

    1. Has anybody heard of this company, "For my Doll"? They look to be new. I was hoping to find owner photos but I don't see anybody with them.

    2. I don't like em >.>
    3. Um, why don't you like them? It would have been more helpful to say why. ^_^;;

      On topic, I haven't heard of them either, and I'm interested in hearing about them.
    4. I'm not very good at saying why I don't like stuff... often it's some minute astetic that most people wouldn't notice. XD with the summer dolls, I really can't explain it other then they look plasticy like, and the smaller one just looks kinda goofy to me.
    5. I think that the photography just needs to be better. That's why I wanted to see owner photos.
    6. Me, too. I wish the company had some information about themselves on their webpage. I want to see how well their dolls pose. ^_^
    7. hmmm. The spring line look like squashed faces. I think with certain characters this could work.
      The summer line is cute though. I think they've done something with the dimensions in some of the pictures since they appear stretched or squished a bit. I'd like to see more of the body itself, since a clothed body doesnt show the joints etc.
      They have nice wigs in a variety of sizes, although none in the 5inch size right now. And I really, really love the sofa!

      They dont say what they are made of. I cant tell if its resin or not. The prices are quite good if they are resin. I think some of it may be the photography. I went to the Korean site and there seems to be more info, but I cant read it and dont feel like playing in babblefish now.

      Has anyone posted this info in the news section?
    8. Ick...you get this with brand new companies rushing to get on the market.
      So far most of the new ones end up with payment issues and demand issues. Bad pictures are not a good sign. The small one looks like a frog and the larger one is very plastic looking and would benefit from a smaller eye.

      I love tinies so I prefer good product to be created and what I've seen smacks of problems.

    9. I don't really want to judge them on their photos yet... the owner seems really sweet and maybe a little constructive feedback might help them.
    10. The little one is goofy looking but I think it makes her cute in a weird way. Will be good to see owner pics.
    11. I like the little one (and the larger one too) but I tend to go for the more off-beat.
    12. They look quite old-fashioned to me for some reason... they could look sweet in some kind of 50s Hollywood styles... It would be good to see some better photos though for sure.
    13. I LIKE !!
      and need to know more !
      I love the Spring Suntan version ...April version ...she makes me laugh
      I do tend to like very srtong or unusual sculpts at the momment

      I would buy , if she is the right size ,I have quite a few taller tinys , yO/BC size so I am hopeing she would be small ...much smaller ....

      I am not keen on the other doll , Summer , I just couldnt see her in my collection

      just seen her height

      14cm .....my favorite size
      she is on my hit list ...she would make a wonderful friend for Vanilla
    14. Is it Summer who is 14cm or Spring? Summer looked MSD sized to me, but who knows.
    15. Spring is 14cm and Summer is 31cm.

      April's cheeks and chin remind me of Dollzone BB. I think the mouth looks proportionally wider than most tinies. I would put larger eyes in her.
    16. I think some of their photos are improperly resized making the same face look skinnier in one photo. I think the black braided pigtails photos of Elisha is resized skinny (i.e reduced more in the left<>right than in the up<>down). They probably did that to fit the pigtails in the photo. But it gives a distorted slimmer look to the face and doll:

    17. Mhhhhh I cant see PayPal or anything else

      perhaps the site isnt open fully yet

      I have to pay off my Vanilla ,Hana before I buy anymore LOL
    18. april has HUGE lippies! she looks like a froggie. i like froggies, though. personally, i would not buy one.
    19. The mouth reminds me of a gelfling. Hmmm, a gelfling BJD.