Warning for thos who purchase off of YHJ!

Feb 21, 2005

    1. Sup folks!

      Just thought I'd stop by with a bit of info considering we have many customers who use our service to buy SD and other doll releated items and frequent this site.

      There has been a small rash of sellers on YHJ trying to auction off very expensive Super Dollfies. They get about 20+ positive feedbacks, enough to build a bit of a comfort level, and then place up an expensive item with the intent to take the money and run. Unfortuenlty a few of our customers have fell victim to these guys.

      For experianced buyers, I simply suggest sticking to some of the same sellers you have already purchased from. Or, for high-end items, make sure they have a large feedback number, preferalby 100+ if your looking to spend a few grand.

      It tears me each time something like this happens because we still have to charge the customer for the item. I hate seeing people scammed, so lets do our best to keep it from happening in the first place.

      I'll hang around the forums here a bit just to see how things go. ;)

    2. God ,,, Those people feak me out ...
      I have been scammed a couple of times on ebay even with sellers of 500+ ... Very Sad :(

      Welll it's a matter of luck!! I guess...
      And alot of thinking before shedding that amount of money ....
    3. Thanks for letting us know, Nick!
    4. Hi Nick,

      I think this is why a buyer is important. I know Masamichi has always looked out for my best interests in bidding.

      I know he told me I didn't have to worry about a seller just taking the money and not shipping the item. If that should happen, he said he'd take care of it for me. So, with the cost of a buyer, you get an advocate as well....^^
    5. Nick,

      Thank you for posting this warning! This is very important information to keep in mind!

    6. this has actually just happened to me... :/ so now I'm out a good $800+...... :cry:
    7. Kakyuu, did you use a buyer? Or did you use Rinkya? Or that other one?

      Did you ask them to help?

      I know Rinkya says upfront they are not responsible for lost money on Y!J, but I would hope they'd help....
    8. Is there no equivalent to escrow or paypal? I would *never* just hand someone $1000 and take it on good faith that I'd get my doll. I had no idea this was how YJ dep services paid for extremely pricey items; guess in the future I will only bid what I'm willing to lose!
    9. Typically you pay with bank transfer or postal money order, so there is no protection. Something like paypal isn't really needed here. All Yahoo Payments does is take the money from your bank account or put it in, you don't have an account like you do with paypal. I havent tried it, so I don't know if they offer protection, but I wouldnt be surprised if they dont.

      And thanks for the warning. Since I bid with my own account, I don't have the protection of a go-between either. Thankfully, all my experiences have been positive so far. In general, Japan is safer from those sorts of annoyances, it's sad to see something like that turn up here.
    10. :o No way! I'm so sorry. :(

      I know that it's not as simple as calling up a credit card company and saying "I didn't authorize that" (which isn't really simple either, I know from experience) but can't you contact the bank or authorities? Money went from point A to point B and must have involved some type of financial institution. If it's a wire transfer, there's a bank record. If it was payment via check or money order, there's a paper trail. As long as they can follow the trail, don't you have some type of recourse?
    11. nope, just used my YHJ account like normal, still working with a friend to see how to get my money back, but so far, it looks like I'm screwed :(
    12. yeah its sad... I'm pretty upset about it, and trying to figure out a way to refund my money. It really made me realize how much safer ebay and paypal is... at least the one time I had a fraud situation paypal did help me get my money back. >.<

      I'm pretty upset about loosing that much money it it was like $40.00 even I'd be ok with it. A little ticked off but at least its not so much money that I'd miss a bill over >.< it jsut ticks me off... I try so hard to be an honest seller, I try to be accurate in my descrpitions, mail out fast and just in general I try really hard, and when stuff like this happens it just really upsets me >.< makes me think maybe its not worth it :( that I should go back to working in an office that I hate full time...
    13. Hi Nick, funny to see you on a doll message board... :::giggle:::
      Maybe if you can post a list of scammers, so we know whom to avoid.
      I have been bidding on my own since Yahoo Japan began and have been scammed a couple of times and only for small amounts.

      Another thing to watch out for is shill bidders...
    14. Uhh ohh, Noriko is here. *duck & cover* :lol:

      Almost all payments done on YHJ go through a wire. Its the most common payment method on YHJ. Unfortunelty there is little or no security behind it. All we can do is get the law involved and try to get the funds back through legal means. So far, nothing has panned out yet but that doesn't mean we're giving up by any means.

      I've been -extremely- lucky with internet purchases. Even bought a car on Ebay for about $4k from a seller with "0" feedback. You just have to bid on what feels comfortable. If its something you really want and are willing to take the risk....thats up to you.

      And no Noriko, sadly enough I don't collect dolls. :o
    15. I reallly am sorry. Hopefully, your friend can get the money back. As I say Masamichi is really careful, and that's the only way I get dolls on Y!J.

      I did get Rinkya to bid on Anu's gorgeous Truth outfit, and to get a few dollfie things. Boy, that's an expensive way to go on small things... The service is really good, and I guess I was lucky to get all my stuff...... the fees were stiff on the small things.

      Good luck ....
    16. yeah.. just got word today that there is NO way I can get my money back... I'm extremely upset... $800.00+ is alot of money to loose :(
    17. Oh, that is so horrible! I don't know why people have to be that way--stealing money from people who are working hard for it... It's just sick!!!

      I know it's bad, but if you can't do anything about it, try not to think about it too much. I just lost a bag with hundreds of dollars worth of stuff in it (some one walked off with it! Thieves are everywhere!) :x ... so I know how depressing it is. Try not to think about it--and try to focus on stuff that will take your mind off it for a while. It's really terrible--but just think that you're still OK and you'll eventually make money to replace it.

      That totally sucks, though, and I really feel for you!
    18. yeah Im trying not to think about it...and thats HORRIBLE someone walked off with your stuff... thats just sick that people are like this >.< And you are very right, it could have been worse, but it still hurts >.< thanks :)
    19. Hi Nick,

      Thanks for the info. Can you please post the links to the auction frauds? So we can be aware of who they are?

      I thought Yahoo Japan requires a credit card or some kind of bank account from people who auction items. Can Yahoo Japan help you in any way.??


      I figure it's a slow process.
    20. Sorry this has happed to you.

      Do you have a link to the bad auction?