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~For Those Who Own a Single Doll~

Jul 27, 2009

    1. I looked through the unchanging first three pages of thread and didn't see anything similar to this topic, so forgive me if I'm wrong :sweat
      I plan for my AoD, Viktor, to be my only doll because of his price, me wanting to be able to pamper him in the future, because I can't keep up with multiple things, and because he's one of the best material items I have >.>;
      I've noticed that many threads/questions seem to be directed towards doll owners with 3+ dolls. I want to hear from owners, like me, who only have one doll. I've also noticed that there are many people who planned to have one doll but gave into a company's beautiful sculpts >.<
      Why do you only have/want one doll? Have you had the urge to buy another doll? How did you fight this urge?
      Also, I wanted to meet more doll owners with one doll :XD:
    2. Hey Oakie,
      I only have one doll, my BBB Mei Echo, and one is enough for me. This is partially because of price, just because it takes me a long time to save and I'm a student so my money is needed elsewhere, but even if that wasn't an issue, I only ever planned on getting one. Mostly I want to be able to have one I can full understand and work with, and since I wanted a doll for photography one model is all I need. For now sewing and designing for her is enough to keep me busy, and I'm still realizing her character, so I don't want to add someone else to the mix just yet.

      However, I do get tempted by other beautiful sculpts, there are many I love.... so I may give in one day... hmmm

      Also, i don't want Echo to get jealous XD
    3. Thanks for your reply! And I know what you mean; Viki would probably get anxiety attacks~
    4. I actually only have a head :blush:.
      I keep flip flopping on whether or not I will really want another doll once my first one is complete.
      There are many scuplts I like, but if I'm honest with myself, I haven't found one that reached out to me the way Ayato did. I will probobly only get another when that happens, but until then it will most likely be just him.
    5. I haven't gotten my first doll yet. there are other sculpts i really like and may want to get in the future but once my girl arrives she'll be an only child for a while. Mainly because i don't do well when my attention is split-I feel bad when i use one CUP over the other-a cute dolly with a face would be guilt city.
    6. I only have one at the moment, but sometime this fall I plan to expand to two.

      It's not that I don't want a saecond, but I just can't afford it at the moment. I literally have no income until school starts back. Therefore, it's easy to resist temptation (so much temptation!) when you don't have the money to buy a doll with.
    7. I only have one doll, my SD13 F16 girl, Phyllis. I do want more dolls, but it's not practical for me to get more at the moment. But I don't care if I never get another one, because Phyllis is my dream doll. I chose to get her in the first place because I knew that even if I never got another doll I would be happy this one (forever).
    8. I have my lonely Unoa ^^; and, though I plan on buying another doll, I want to keep my collection small so that I may focus on 'spoiling' them and mostly because of finances. The only reason I want a second doll is because, the one I'm after, is limited. Even though I don't necessarily want it now, it's either "now or never" for that sculpt. I figured that if I want to experience many different molds I should, instead of buying them, learn to do face-ups and open a shop so that I can see them and enjoy working on them, even if just for a moment :3
    9. Well, in the beginning I never wanted just one doll. I had a long list of all the dolls I wanted, and eventually I got them... and then I just got too over whelmed! True, I miss being able to take photos of dolly interactions, but having one doll allows me to focus on that one doll! I don't have to divide my time, money or energy in completing each doll, instead I can just work on my one. Who knows... perhaps, one day when she is completed, then I'll spread my wings and get another, but for now, I like the simple life with one doll.
    10. I have one doll, but I want to buy others for my whole family of characters. Though my mom hates me "wasting" money on them :c

      I don't think it's a waste...
    11. At the moment, I just have Tami, my aod Qian. I can't afford another doll for a good while yet, I'm just about to go to University! But I do intend on getting at least Tami's boyfriend, Yuri... but that then leads me to wanting their daughter, May and then I'd love to have my other two favourite OCs of mine resin-ated. Thats a total of 5... definately my limit though!
    12. At the moment, I only have Yoru, my El, and am currently content with owning just him, and spoiling him. Perhaps in the future I would like to expand by getting another, but right now I can't afford getting another. I would like to keep my collection small, mostly due to finances.
    13. I only have one doll, my AS Gavin. It took me a long time to decide which doll to get as my first. Even though I've been eyeing BJDs for quite some time, when it came to getting one of my own I wanted to make sure I picked the doll that really stood out to me. It's been less than a month since I received my Gavin, so I am still in the process of learning about him. His body, posability, his personality, his looks. At the rate I am going, I think it will be a while before his looks and personalities solidify. Before then, I cannot even imagine myself having the mental capacity for another doll. lol...
      However I do plan on getting at least another doll. More or less because I would love to photograph the two of them together. :) But that won't be for at least several months or 1 yr...
    14. I only have one boy so far. But im planning to get more once i get the money some day x3 My boy needs a Gf ><
    15. I have one boy, Bennet Valentine, but I'm planning on getting another.
      Bennet needs his seme X3
    16. I only have one (Oren, my Breakaway) and truthfully, I really think I could live with just this one doll, though I do admit, I'd love to have more. xD For the time being, though, I'm thinking more about other things than getting another doll. As well, I would like to do more for Oren as opposed to getting more dolls that barely have anything.
    17. I use to only have one boy... Until I recently adopted my brother's. >>;

      However... From when I was a single doll owner, for two years:
      Having one doll is great. :D You are able to spoil and pamper them much more. You can focus on just that one doll rather than spreading it out amongst many. ^^

      I'm so use to having one doll, I am a tad worried now that I have two. ;_; How will I adjust? Oh noes..
    18. I only have one doll, but I'd really love to get another MSD-sized girl. I'm a huge fan of the MNF Shushu mold. But I also really love my Rao, though she frustrates me a little with how much trouble I'm having with her stringing (she's too tight!). I love to spoil her, though.
    19. I'm only getting one to start off with (I'm still saving for her), but there are 2 or 3 more I would like to get in the future (but they're less expensive)
    20. ._. I dont have one, I DID though...recently >.>;;
      But I kinda liked having one bjd. Its nice, because now you dont feel like crap when you buy one bjd something and not the other. Now that my boy is home, everytime I buy him something, I go: T-T I should try to get her something too.

      Its hard, but I dont think I'd like to stick with one. *Waves to Oakie* Ello you. We meet again. <3