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Resolved fransyung versus sleep_pattern [Canadians, please help me!!] - RESOLVED

Jul 14, 2011

    1. Is there any postal service from Canada with 12 digits tracking numbers (all numbers, no alphabet)??? ;A;

      A seller just shipped my package and gave me 12 digits tracking numbers without telling me what kind of method she's using! I'm freaking out. It's clearly NOT EMS.

      The numbers are like this (example only) : 1111 2222 3333

      Anyone in Canada might be able to help me????
    2. To my knowledge all tracking numbs used via canada post include 4 letters, two at the start and two at the finish. Youd better have a word with that seller.

      Oh yes, forgot to add, i have experience with fedex as well and they have a digit only system, but it is not 12 digits.
    3. The seller replied, telling me that it's Priority?? And she said there's only those 12 digits??? D: I wonder what kind of priority is that? Can someone tell me? I usually can track priority mails and all numbers should begin with 2 alphabets and end with another 2 alphabets stating the country of shipment... like RR 111 111 111 CA or something similar! This is outrageous. I'm so worried now. I can't even track it down. ;A;
    4. Hmm..the only priority i know of that cp provides is the service for next am. which is the highest end shipping possible. It says that it goes through the fedex network, but i have no personal experiencd with this method. Have you tried tracking your parcel just on the Plain canada post website?

      Here is the info about formatting. They are indeed using priority worldwide.


      I would assume then that you will have to access the tracking through the cp website or the main priority mail website.
    5. The problem is it says :

      Delivered worldwide through the extensive FedEx international delivery network:

      • USA – Noon the next business day
      • International – 2 or 3 business days
      Does this mean my package will be delivered by FedEx? Or by the Post Office? ;A; I'm dead if it's FedEx because there's that Courier Fees, and then Import Duties.

    6. I am going to bank that you'll be caught with fees, if your country is anything like canadas customs/postal. Ive received a priority box once and the fees were extremely substantial.. :(

      Its like the postal office will contract out those packages to a courier. So id brace myself if i were you :(!!!
    7. *cries in despair* ;A; What am I going to do? Untrackable... undetectable... and I don't even know if I need to pay more, or when I'll be able to pick it up?
    8. Hmm it should be trackable, you just have to find the website that does it. Does it really not work even on the canada post website? You could try the fedex or usps website too!

      It will show up at your door, delivered by courier. But yeah...nothing you can do about those extra fees.
    9. As she told you in the notes on da, give it a day or so, sometimes the numbers don't always show up in the system right away. The number is a valid tracking number, if you go to the canada post website and click the 'how does tracking work' link on the right side of the box it explains all the various tracking numbers and the 12 digit one is on there.

      She had to use Fedex because paypal and three post offices couldn't give her the option to ship via the original method to where you are, the way I understand it, the method used is the next step up from that one and cost a great deal more, have a little patience and the number should start working. If not she's already said she'll check with the post office if it isn't working tomorrow...
    10. Relax.

      Like River says, it usually takes a day or so for the website to update. Give it a few days before you start worrying. :)

      As for courier fees... there may be some, but if you call ahead to FedEx in your country with your shipment number, you can pay your brokerage fee before delivery, saving you some of the cost.
    11. But FEDEX has 15 digits tracking numbers. Not 12... ;A; I called them and that's what they told me. They said they can't do nothing with 12 digits. It's not their package... ;A; And we really didn't agree of brokerage fees. I had wanted the item to be shipped by Postal services since they're already moving (not in strike). I already had paid too much for the head. ;A;
    12. If this is anything like it is the US, and looking at the Canada Post it does look like it is, she used the most expensive shipping option which will be given a postal service tracking number but which is technically handed over to and delivered by FedEx. The post office employs them as couriers for the most expensive and fastest shipping options.
    13. I had something similar happened to me when I bought a head from Southeast Asia. It was shipped via EMS, except since it was an international shipment it got handed over to DHL, so the EMS tracking I was given wasn't working because DHL used their own tracking number for the parcel.

      It might be the case here where once your package is handed over to FedEx, that courier service is now using their own tracking number for the item.

      Since your item is supposed to be delivered within 2-3 business days, if it still hasn't arrived after the third business day, I suggest contacting the sender so that they may make inquiries about the tracking status of your parcel.

      Good luck ^^
    14. I think I'm going to get charged real high... *sigh* ;3; This is so crazy.
    15. fransyung; have you discussed this matter in private with the buyer? It seems as if she shipped using a method you did not agree to, BUT the method you wanted was not available from Canada to your country. Perhaps you two can come to an agreement before the doll arrives?

      If you did not agree to ship the doll via a courier service, I can understand why you are upset that you may have to pay courier fees. The sender, after discovering that EMS was not available to your country, should have held onto the doll and informed you of the issue and told you which services were available to your country. I think a little delay in the sending of the doll could have prevented this problem.

      Again; you should discuss this matter more, privately, with the buyer and come to an agreement.
    16. I know. ;A; I have PM-ed her and I guess the rest should be discussed in private. Thanks for the help. It's not my fault at all, but what can I do now... *sigh* ;A;
    17. Alright, I feel I need to step in at this point and say a couple things.

      I went through paypal and two post offices trying to find out if EMS was available from my location to Indonesia. It was not, and I knew that she didn't want it sent courier so I went with the next option up that Canada Post offered (since the only other options included no tracking, which I was not about to do with such an expensive head) and marked the package at $100 and a gift as requested by the buyer (So no, she is not going to be charged "real high" despite what she makes it out to seem). I was not informed that Priority was in any way connected to a courier service, so considering the money for shipping was coming out of my pocket anyway, and I already felt badly that I had been late in shipping, and the buyer was continually harassing a friend of mine through PMs about the shipping of this head, I didn't see a reason to delay shipping further. (Obviously I made a mistake here)

      I do not appreciate this thread as it was made a whole twenty minutes after I was contacted me about the shipping number, on top of her continuing to PM my friend about the tracking number. I think it's incredibly frustrating to see that she is having to be told by DoA members to deal with me in private when I have been trying to respond to her shipping inquiries and problems in as timely a manner as I can.
    18. Do you want me to open it to public, or do you want to converse in private? I was not able to contact you, communication was stopped after you received my money, remember? I was left 5 days without ANY shipping notice from you. And you have promised me to ship the head immediately. In the meantime that you had been ignoring me, surprisingly your tumblr was actively updated. So I just had to find another way to contact you, and sorry if your friend is feeling harassed by it, but it was better than claiming my money through Paypal to get to you... or is that what you've wanted me to do?

      And you don't live here, you don't know how our custom office and tax works, so please do not say what you don't understand. Custom tax in here is terrible, and the courier services are more terrible. From what I can calculate by myself, I'd be required to pay nearly $200 for the head alone. And the price you asked me to pay for it INCLUDED the shipping fee. So I PAID for the shipping fee. Not you. It was MY MONEY you used to ship it.

      Oh, and btw, I made the thread simply to see if anyone is able to help me check what kind of service this is. As you yourself said, you are NOT familiar with it, so there would be no use asking you. Nothing else. I had never stated who the seller was or what item I bought.

      I have reported this to the Mods for thread removal.