Warning Fraudulent Buyer! Beware

May 7, 2005

    1. I just wanted you guys to beware of the following buyer.
      She purched a one of a kind outfit from my company in an Ebay auction, made payment via Paypal that very night and we sent the outfit the following day.

      Now, more than two weeks later, we received an email from Paypal stateing that the credit card holder who's account she used on Paypal has requested a "chargeback". Meaning the funds from that transaction in our account ($72.00) is now on hold until Paypal can resolve the issue with the credit card company and we may never see it again.
      Now we arecurrently out both an original outfit and the money from the sale.

      Just before this incident happened, she had written us again requesting another special order. I'm very glad I did not ship that yet as I doubt we will be working with her again.
      I have personally written to her requesting that she please resolve this with whomever she must to clear the funds.
      She has yet to reply, though before this happened she was emailing regularly and was very pleasent.

      Her name is Christin Marrou and she purchased the outfit on Ebay under the name "favoritesadstory" which is no longer a registered account with Ebay(the account had only been active since April 2, 2005 and had 11 feedback rating). She used the email address "PrayerPosition76@aol.com" for the first transaction on Ebay and "xfrailbutterflyx@hotmail.com" for the recent emails, but it is the same girl and the same mailing address for both accounts.

      This is just to warn you guys who make clothing or sell dollie items on Ebay.
      I would be very weary of this buyer.
      If things miraculously change direction and we clear this up overnight, I will certainly let you all know. But as that is unlikely, I wouldn't want anyone else to be out of the money for their hard work.

      Has anyone else dealt with this buyer before? Is this a habit of hers?
    2. Urg! I almost pmed you about this girl, because I had the same thing happen to me with the last outfit I auctioned off and I saw she'd bought from you as well! She had left me positive feedback saying she had recieved the outfit, and then this happens!

      The best I can figure out is that she was using a stolen credit card to fund her paypal purchases and got found out, resulting in the banned Ebay account and the real owner of the credit card filing unauthorized charges on their card. I tried emailing her directly to ask what was going on, but I haven't recieved an answer yet.

      This is very upsetting for me as well because that's also an outfit I worked hard on lost and I'm out the money I'd recieved for it as well. Not to mention that it can take Paypal 30-75 days to resolve a chargeback! *___* I'm tempted to email the girl again and ask her to send the outfit back btu i doubt that would happen. >_<

      But yes: If anyone is contacted by this girl about purchasing something of yours, DON'T.
    3. Arghh!! You see! This is why I am glad to have this forum to keep others aware of these sorts of people.
      I am a very honest and fair guy and it really baffles me to know that there are people out there who would knowingly cheat others out of money and their items.
      How can she sleep at night????

      I hope that everytime she uses one of our stolen outfits she gets a nasty twist in her stomach.

      Oh yes! Her mailing address is below, in case she decides to use another name and ship to the same address.

      Christin Marrou
      4515 Gardendale
      Apt 2703
      San Antonio TX, 78240

      OH YES! and she's doing it AGAIN!
      From our Ebay search on her NEW email address:
      She has a brand new email address and Ebay account with feedback of '0" and ready to steal yet again!
      I'm writing Ebay today.
    4. Can you believe that all Ebay will say is that you aren't allowed to post people's personal information?
      They don't seem overly concerned that she's doing anything wrong.
    5. Thank-you for posting this...and sorry that you had such a bad experience. Doll outfits can take a lot of effort. Since a credit card was used, perhaps you will eventually be refunded?
      I thought that Paypal only authorized the use of credit cards after you registered the credit cards's mailing address (I.E., no PO boxes, etc.) to keep people from using stolen credit cards (although if she knew the mailing address, I guess she could have gotten around that rule.)
    6. Ooh, I'll have to check into paypal's policies about that, as it gives me a little hope I may get the money back at least. When a chargeback happens, you have to provide proof that the item was shipped and recieved in order to get your money back and the only proof I have is the feedback she left saying she had recieved it. (Stupid me threw out the postal reciept!)
    7. If the cheater closed his/her account and claim charge back via credit card instead of Paypal, you may not be able to get back your money.

      Have you guys ever considered file a fraud charge on her at her local police office?
    8. I'm actualy considering that option seeing as I sent the very same thing I posted here to a couple of the sellers she bought from on Ebay and this is what I got back from one of them:
      $680!!?? This girl is a SERIOUS problem.
      All I can do now to warn potential future victims of her fraud is to tell people to be aware of that mailing address and the new email she is using on that Ebay account.
      It seems she just makes a new hotmail account with each new Ebay account.

      She did leave feedback which is proof of delivery on my end and as well, Paypal sent her address in the official payment notification.
      I just think this should be an issue between the girl and the credit card company or Paypal...or Ebay. The money should not be coming out of seller's pockets.
    9. Thank you so much for moving this thread.

      I just received this email from yet another seller she stiffed:

      Too bad I was too late to warn them.
    10. As a seller, how can one avoid having to grant her the item, if she places the highest bid? I'm a terrible newbie at Ebay, and would prefer not to get burned by a scam artist.

      (I seem to remember reading/hearing that the seller must grant the item to the highest bidder on Ebay...)
    11. The seller has every right NOT to sell to a buyer they have been warned about.
      That could be taken up with Ebay.
    12. I'm not trying to stoke up the drama, but has anybody emailed people she bought dolls from? It lists a DM Ray, Calvin, Asha, and DoD Hoo bought last month.

      I don't know whether that might cause unnecessary stress, since Dollmore doesn't have the best English skills, but maybe they'd like to know so that they can hold onto the package until this works out.

      I'd like to be able to sell clothes on eBay some day, but things like this worry me. Best wishes to you guys.
    13. No, I've got one confirmed paypal account, and one not, both with credit cards attached to them. You can use an unconfirmed (ie. the mailing adress hasn't been confirmed) credit card, it's just that you have a $750/month spending limit. Which you can buy a damned lot with. >_<;

      I'm so sorry to hear that this has happened to so many people - even one is bad, but when she keeps doing it... urgh. And that paypal/ebay are doing nothing...! :barf
    14. I wrote to her directly telling her that Ebay, several doll forums and all of her past sellers are aware of her new account and that we are all very disappointed that someone can outright steal from so many trusting and honest people.
      I have halted all sales with her and will double check all dealings on Ebay from now on.

      Live and learn.
    15. Today I got an email from Paypal saying they have taken the money from our account because we didn't include the tracking information for the package, which we do have at home and will provide them with as soon as we can get to the information.
      But the money has already been taken from our account and get this!!!...

      They even had the nerve to charge us an EXTRA $10.00 for the transaction fee!!!!
      I am SO upset right now.
    16. I am so very sorry that this has happened to you. :(

      Did anyone get her IP address? If the same IP is used in every instance you can complain to her ISP and possibly even file an Internet Fraud Complaint against her (http://www.ifccfbi.gov/index.asp).

      Hell, if paypal doesn't return your money, I'd file a BBB complaint against them!
    17. We just filed a complaint against her with the Internet Fraud authorities.
      We made mention that she now has a new Ebay account under the very same name and address and that we feel it is Ebay's responsibility to keep her from opening new accounts with the intent of fraudulent buying.
      It seems she has done this to several sellers.
      They have written us with losses much higher than ours. i feel for them as well.

      We have her contact information via Ebay and will file with all the appropriate agencies.
      At this point it is not about the money, but the protection of other sellers like us.
      People like her NEED to be STOPPED and it takes all who have been shafted to step up to make a difference.
    18. Oh yes! And if anyone on DoA knows of this girl from other forums (she has a BJD) please warn sellers there as well.

      And here are pictures of the outfit she stole.
      If anyone sees her selling it or posting pictures of her doll wearing it, know that it was stolen
    19. Thank you so much for the warning about this girl! My friend and I are going to be creating and selling clothes for BJD's in the near future. We're gonna have to look out for people like her... Why can't everyone just be honest?!
      She'll get what she deserves... no one can escape karma.
    20. Exactly! What goes around, comes around I say.
      Most all of the people I have sold to have been an absolute dream.
      The BJD community seems to be for the most part a very honest and sweet natured crowd.
      It's a shame that a few bad folks have to ruin it for everyone else.

      Good luck with your new business!