Friends/Relationships Made Through the Hobby

Jun 11, 2017

    1. I just want to hear cute stories about relationships that came together because of the doll hobby! It's so sweet to see people post about their partners/spouses/friends that they collect with <3
    2. Many of the people I talk to most, not just about dolls, but about many things in life, are people I've met through the hobby, either at local meets or through BJD RP. I have traveled across several states to meet people I met online, I have hosted doll meets, lunches and even a doll wedding at my house! I've been to conventions with doll friends.

      I think maybe the most interesting story though is that when I had to have surgery, one of my friends from our local meets worked in that hospital, so I was able to request her to be in the operating room with me! @mollym was the last person I saw before the anesthesia kicked in. XD
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