Getting the feeling of a character

Dec 15, 2017

    1. I was wondering if anyone would consider rping with me on discord, it’s Festive♡Demure#8475
      I usually like to do around a paragraph or two and with quite a bit of detail.

      Firstly I’ll tell you about the character. Stardust is a bunycorn who was once a knight for the goddess of the land, the goddess decided to test her by having her live in the now heavily corrupted world amongst the humans and only come back once she was satisfied she made the world a little better. She’s been in the world for only a couple months now, and though she has a grasp on the world she’s still excited to adventure and meet new people. She’s sweet and shy and can be slightly serious, she also is quick to anger and get annoyed.

      I don’t mind what type of story or adventure someone would like as long as it’s interesting and fun, I really just wanted to get a feel for my character before my doll actually gets here so that I can understand more of how she’d act and such. Feel free to message me! I’m almost always on discord.
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    2. The link provided by Treelore is the only place on DoA you can connect with people to RP. RP is something many doll owners do, but it not intrinsic to collecting BJDs, so it is considered Off Topic for the forum. This thread is now closed.

      If you have any questions @BlissfulDemure, you can always come to Ask the Mods for help~