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GRANADO - New website and New doll

Jul 4, 2011

    1. Great to see you on the news thread again! Today I bring two Granado news for everyone.:)

      Firstly, Granado has moved to a new website.

      We have moved our new site at (http://www.doll-granado.com).
      (http://www.dpp-doll.com) will become invalid very soon, please bookmark Granado’s new address!
      As it is a new site, if you find any bugs, please feel free to tell us. We will fix it ASAP.

      Secondly, we have a new doll.


      Scout – The Young Noble

      Scout is now release!
      His page is at http://doll-granado.com/scout
      Scout is the first member of Project Cinderella. We hope you will like him!

      * Body: 64cm male body.
      * Eye size: 12~14mm
      * Ordering period: July 7th - August 28th 2011
      * Skin Tone: Normal or Sunshine.
      * Price: $420 exclude shipping fee. (wig and clothing shown are not available)

      * We will do our best to package the product safely and ship it as fast as we can
      * If you need more information about Scout, Please visit our website. (http://doll-granado.com/)

      Thank you!
    2. Granado Discussion is here: link
    3. I have a problem with your site. It won't allow me to create an account, but also tells me they do not have my e-mail address in the system
      So, essentially I cannot join.
      Please help and thanks, the new boy is stunning!
    4. 1. Doll-Granado.com's Online Store system is a totally different CMS system from the XE Board (they are entirely two different CMS system, each have their own set of PHP script and database). As a result, everyone must register a new Shopping Account @ https://doll-granado.com/index.php?route=account/register before you may order.

      2. Regarding the old Order Board at dpp-doll.com - we do not plan to migrate the database to doll-granado.com for security reasons. If you wish to register an XE User account for the QnA Board and News & Diary board, feel free to read our guide at https://doll-granado.com/xe/161

      if it still not working, please print screen the page and provide the browser's information, and email it to dpp.doll@gmail.com or tell us on the new QnA board. :-)
    5. Cross-posted from the discussion thread, so people will be able to sign up:

    6. Thank you Isara! :-)
      We have fixed this bug, if anyone still have problem, please feel free to contact us!
    7. [​IMG]
      Dear all,

      Scout is now release, and we updated some photos for him.

      please note that his ordering period is from 7th Jul to 28th Ang.

      Thank you!

    8. [​IMG]

      Dear all,

      Scout's photos have been updated.
      A little background info of Scout, he grew up in the high society, but sometimes he couldn't handle the pressure and need a way to let off his pressure...