Granado Tiny Doll Discussion

Apr 21, 2018

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    2. I ordered one in tan on layaway. I can't wait to see him.
      I'm intrigued by a tiny handy and hardy too, lol. :wiggle
    3. I also jumped on this and ordered a tan fellow - I've always liked mature tinies and challenges, and he definitely looks like both.

      I suspect that Granado will face a few challenges themselves before these guys are ready!
    4. Yay! I ordered one in normal skin, I can't wait! :dance
    5. I'll look forward to seeing your dolls! I want the 43cm as it would fit with my Urban Vita dolls, however I need one of the more mature looking heads, so it might be just as well that I have to wait.
    6. It seems they already have some of the parts, printed?, or ready to mold. Photos of Lucifer's tiny head, hands and feet and of handy on their Flickr
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    7. Oh, man. Now I'm extra excited. :love
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    8. I ordered one in Sunlight and am intending to make mine a Native American monster hunter. I'm going to make him some pants before he arrives so he won't have to rely on the "handy" piece for modesty! :lol:
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    9. Awesome idea! :D I want mine to be a celtic warrior.
    10. Oh, man, there are pictures of the 3D-printed 30cm guy now:
      Granado on Twitter

      Sitting on a hand!
      Granado on Twitter

      Apparently they're working on fixing the details now. I am excite. :dance
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    11. OMG he's gorgeous! I'm even more excited about getting mine now!
    12. I calculated what I think the 32cm measurements should be (ratio-wise) and got measurements for the 1/6 action figures and it seems that if Granado keeps the proportions similar to the normal size Vigor body, Phicen and Hot Toy clothing and shoes should fit them.
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    13. I ordered one in normal skin last minute. I love tinies, and am totally curious about holding a Granado work, so this seems like the perfect opportunity. I really hope they do this crowd funding again in the future!
    14. Another facebook photo of the 32 :love That booty!!!
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    15. I ordered another one in Normal too. I didn't like the idea that he would be alone in his size range.
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    16. Woohoo! I ordered a little guy too!

      I was going to do their darkest skin tone (because I've wanted a doll that color for a while) but I didn't like the face shape for that skin tone. So I got a normal skin.

      My little Limhwa girls will be fighting over him!
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    17. @Dark Angel Oh I am really curious about the Limwha girls next to him! When he arrives, I'd love to see pictures of them together. If they suit, I am going to try and get one of them so he's not alone in that scale <3
    18. I'll definitely take pictures. :) I think he'll be a little big for them, actually. Lol.
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    19. I hope the little guys stand as well as the big ones. I was watching that video of the girl posing him and she was pounding on the table and he didn't fall. That's impressive.

      Also, what are you all planning on doing with your little Lucifers? I'm going to make mine a male fairy, since my two Limwha girls are supposed to be fairies and he's going to be one of their companions. (Maybe both!! LOL!)
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    20. I'm pretty excited by the fact that he might do well with 1:6 scale items. I'd like to give him a bit of a military background.