Granado Tiny Doll Discussion

Apr 21, 2018

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    1. Those are great names Steamwitch!
    2. Thanks @chrstphrl, I'm working on their story now.

      Edit: I was able to get a base coat of sealant on his face. I hope to start on him tomorrow.
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    3. I found Lyric's look:dance:cool:.
      I am happy with this, he looks like a poet or an artist, though he is far from it. I'm still working on True and Lyric's story but I'm loving getting Lyric's look down.
      [​IMG]Lyric by SteamWitch, on Flickr

      I changed the the Thread title, Granado 31.5cm Lucifer Discussion
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    4. He's looking awesome.
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    5. Congratulations!
      I love it when a plan comes together! :sneaky
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    6. Sunglasses arrived. The usual suspects, lol.
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    7. I don't think I ever shared this here--but here's a pic of my Lucifer in a borrowed wig & outfit next to my Limhwa ToYou! The outfit was sized to fit Fashion Royalty men, and it fits pretty ok--the waist is too big, but the length is good. The shirt fits well. I couldn't fit him into any of the 1/6 man shoes I have on hand... His heels get in the way. :/ Shoes that lace up or are cloth and not plastic might work.


      And a bonus of just his unpainted face... those eyes are also borrowed and WAY too big. I haven't really had the chance to do much with the poor boy yet. Possibly interesting side note, the wig was one I made for a Parabox Miroku (a vinyl head designed to go on Obitsu 27cm slim male bodies). It fits pretty decently, though it's prone to falling off.

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    8. @Idoru I love that shirt! He looks good with red hair.
    9. Thanks! It's a really nice shirt--I got it from this Taobao shop. (I hope that link works...) Their stuff is really nice quality! I have a couple of dresses from there too for my girls. I highly recommend them!
    10. Thanks, I'll look!
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    11. Oh, man, those tiny tools are adorable. Now he can do all the chores. :XD:

      I am slowly but surely finalizing my own dude - SOME DAY I will have both the time and the energy to finish his half-made wig, and then I just have to put him all together. (I moved the snap fastener on his jeans without taking them off! Little headless half-naked dude dangling butt-upright while I stitch away...)
    12. I have one in tan skin. He is still waiting for his make-up. I like the tan skin since that i can make a setting form him, local people i the jungle or some other southern islands .This is just my imagination lol.
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    13. Lyric, True and Ulric making a mess with the new tools. They are trying to convince me into making them a tiny Pub. I didn't find Lyric's glasses so I bought him some new ones. The tools were a impulse buy since I was ordering anyway, but I am so glad I did. They look happy with them.
      [​IMG]Working by SteamWitch, on Flickr