Granado Tiny Doll Discussion

Apr 21, 2018

    1. I signed up for the 31.5cm Napoleon crowdfunding. It was him or an expensive action figure. I love my little guys. I need to take more photos of them.
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    2. Cute cute! Can't wait to see him. :)
    3. Oh, no! I love the new Napoleon! And in the 31cm size too. Gee, now I’m torn. Guess I’ll have to look into this crowd funding thingy. Not that I need anymore anything. He so handsome...
    4. I know, right. :blush I need another flexible, gorgeous, little guy. :wiggle
    5. @SteamWitch I totally agree! I just wish I had a bigger dolly fund. I hate having to choose. Time limiteds are awful!
    6. Indeed they are! I just hope he makes his 5 to get a chance at him. Since this little size was a big hit with Lucifer, I'm hoping this one will also. I didn't have any dolly plans for 2019 and only waiting on one incoming so I had the room in my budget for 'something' preferably not a bjd but he happened to look just right. If he'd not been so pretty (and small) I would have passed.

      If he does get made I suppose I need to change to the title of this thread without Lucifer's descriptor. :whee::XD::blush
    7. I'm planning on joining as well! I was sad I missed the Lucifer pre-order, and then Lucifer was released again but not as a 31.5cm option. But is layaway possible after joining the pre-order?
    8. Yes, I had layaway on my Lucifer order.
    9. Do I have to wait until it's supported by 5 people to use layaway, or can I choose layaway when the remaining payment is requested? I know the value has to be at least $300 for layaway, so I have to purchase either a different skin tone (not necessarily a problem, I like the sunshine resin) or eyes/wig?
    10. When the size reaches its goal you then have the option to do layaway that is also when you choose the skin tone.
      They didn't offer eyes or wigs at first though they do now have the right size small iris eyes available. They still don't offer wigs.
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    11. OH MY RA. I've been eyeing this size since Lucifer, but painting on such a small face had scared the wits out of me, so I backed out with a reluctance that stills burns me to this day. But since Napoleon actually comes with a face-up option despite his small size, I'm finally gonna get my wee tiny man. :evilplot:

      Though, many apologies for the daft question, I know it's been asked before but I can't find where it was stated; what size wig did Lucifer typically take? Would it be similar to, say, the Fairyland Pukipuki size?
    12. The first post of this discussion has all the vigor measurements head size is 9.7cm so if he is the same he wears a 3.5-4" wig. Most of the pukipuki size wefted wigs look like helmet head hair *_* but you can find some nice ones around.
    13. I recommend Monique company size 4. My guy curently has a size 4 from Fatio.
    14. I just joined the crowdfunding for Napoleon! I was gonna give myself a day or two to think about it, but I couldn't resist, I just love his face, and a tiny one sounds perfect to me lol
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    15. Thanks a bunch SteamWitch, I KNEW I was missing the information entirely when I was desperately searching through this thread, OTL. Time for me to wake up! *_*

      I've sort of figured that I'd probably have to either trim an existing long wig to achieve the look I'm going for, or I'd have to make a wig myself, but I'll probably take a look see at Monique wigs, thanks a bunch too, Leo Pheonix! :kitty1
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    16. WooHoo!
      Tiny Napoleon has made his goal all ready! I can't wait to get my new tiny man.
      [​IMG]Granado Napoleon crowdfunding

      In celebration I am changing the name of this thread.
      Soooo just asking, should I add Napoleon's name or make it a generic Granado 31.5 Discussion or Granado Tiny Doll Discussion?
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    17. Hi! I'm Mary Kathryn and I just got my notice that the 31.5 Napoleon is a go. I paid and boy I am excited!!! But now we wait.:abambi:
    18. Congrats! Yes we wait, but hopefully not as long as the first batch when they had to make the entire doll.
    19. I would just change it to Granado Tiny Doll Discussion. :)
    20. Granado Tiny Doll Discussion it is.

      I added a link to Napoleon's sales page to the first post.
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