Granado Tiny Doll Discussion

Apr 21, 2018

    1. True didn't like the way I styled his hair so he made a change.
      I'm loving this size though I will never switch out my wonderful big guys.
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    2. Someone in the mini section asked about the thigh joint movement forward so I took these photos. I am going to add this and the contortion photo to the first post.
      [​IMG]Upward movement of Vigor thigh cut by SteamWitch, on Flickr
    3. Does anyone know where to get eyes that fit lucifer? I bought sone, but they’re really gappy. Ideally I’d like cheaper ones... ☹️
    4. @Spuggey: mine is wearing 6mm eyes from Dreaming Tree Studio, which were priced really reasonably. They don't seem to gap at all - or, if they do, the gap is super tiny and I can't see it, which is almost as good!
    5. Had a look... they have a nice selection & good prices! Many thanks!:abow:
    6. I just got the eyes I ordered from Dreaming Tree! Idk how well they'll fit because Napoleon won't be here for a long while I'm sure, but I'll be ready when he gets here and the eyes are super cute, so I'm happy with them.
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    7. I did it! I was able to order a Napoleon! So happy I get to join you all!

      Now to go back and re read this thread again as this time I need to pay attention to what fits, lol.
    8. Yay!!! Congratulations!
    9. Lyric has green eyes from Tales of the Shrike, they fit perfectly. True's eyes are from Dreaming Tree and are great too.
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    10. My Baishan has eyes from Dreaming Tree too. They're 6mm and fit perfectly.
    11. Thank you for the eye sizes! I have some Dreaming Tree eyes in 4 and 6mm. I’ll have a few to choose from, but usually the doll demands their own new pair. I’m planning on making a yarn wig. I really enjoy making that type of wig. Especially for tiny heads.
    12. I tried another difficult pose to get a doll to do. Looking up for one thing but looking up and back too. This was a pretty cool discovery.
      [​IMG]Lyric cool head pose by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    13. Now that the ordering period is over, I’m getting excited to get my guy!
      Plus all these fantastic pictures by @SteamWitch are helping too!

      I’m so thankful I was able to get the funds together. :thumbup
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    14. I have to support the recommendation for Dreamingtree Studio eyes as well! I bought a couple of pairs for Dante, and I absolutely love them! They're a great fit. I was worried they'd look too dark (I have had bad luck with small eyes and catching light) but I was wrong! The pair he ended up keeping are in Driftwood. I also got a pair in Russet, but as these are all perfect for Dante I'm not sure who I'll use them for. Napoleon perhaps?

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    15. I love his wig, he looks amazing @Idoru
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    16. New photo of True. I am anxiously looking forward to a tiny Napoleon, I hope to see something about them on Granado's pages.
      [​IMG]True Kincaid Day 110 by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    17. Me too! It must be getting close. I heard a regular sized Napoleon head has been mailed. I’d almost forgot about mine. Almost, lol.
    18. Oh, boy, now Granado is crowdfunding for a female doll, and one of the options for 'Jane' is 29cm! She looks really cute, and the body looks like it's got some quality jointing - I'm giving this one some thought.
    19. I'm considering her, too. There's pictures of a prototype body, but only CG images of the head sculpt.
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