Granado Tiny Doll Discussion

Apr 21, 2018

    1. She looks so cute so far! I was considering her but I am still paying off my Napoleon so I should probably stay my wicked hand haha. I love her bust options though! I hope Granado starts making clothes for these dolls... Especially shoes. I can't imagine her feet will fit existing sizes considering that they'll scale to all the options... The boys are hard enough to fit as it is!
    2. Beautiful new girl body. Thankfully, I don’t need one. I bet all done up, she’s gorgeous.

      I am getting excited about my own Napoleon coming, soon, I hope! I’m planning on making a yarn wig for my guy and still mulling over clothing ideas. Come on, hurry home soon! :dance
    3. I'm going to get the small body to go with Lucifier, but I'm also considering the SD size too... But I'm kind of hesitant without sizes first as I'd want to hybrid the body.
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    4. Aaaah! I just got that same scooter day before yesterday! lol
      Sweet paint job! What type paint did you use? My boys are tired of all their things being pink...
    5. I used Rustoleum metallic silver. It's not as good as Fusion on plastic but I already had it at home.
      I know what you mean about the PINK. I am busy repainting the not bad Barbie pizza oven bricks to look more realistic but the pink plates and purple pizza paddle will have to go. The chairs from the table sets are now silver and copper.
    6. Sweet! Thank you! I'll have to pick some up next time I got the stores.
      But doll houses, pink jeeps, pink scooters, pink everything! Ack! They could mix it up a little. Maybe some blue, a little black....

      So, anyone going for the vip re-release of these tiny guys?
      I am sorely tempted by the thought of a black one!
      But...tarriffs... :(
    7. Thinking about a black one too but I always get the Detective Conan 'criminal' :potkettle:aninja: picture in my mind. I spent my mad money on the Lucky bag before I noticed the re-release.:chomp::chomp:
    8. No, no re release for me as I’m still waiting on my Napoleon. But, the new colors are really neat. Black is so rare, I hope someone might get one!
    9. I'm still waiting on my tiny Napoleon too. Though I guess it is too early for this :wantshipping:
    10. I just got a package but I'm at work so my mom signed for it. Wondering if its Napoleon? When I check the site it still says preparing and I never got any kind of notice, but I also haven't ordered anything else that would be coming from that part of the world??? So now I guess I just have to wait 2.5 hours until I get home and find out if it's somehow him or not. Will update once I find out lol
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    11. Napoleon is here! There was no indication at all that he shipped, but he's here nonetheless and I'm pretty dang excited about it. I'll try and get some picture of him at some point, but its gonna be a busy weekend so it may be a while
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    12. Am I correct in thinking that a 'VIP' is just someone who's ordered a doll from them before? That seems to be what their website says, but I'm not just one hundred percent sure.
    13. Yes, that is what it means.
    14. Now I'm going to be stalking my email, and the Granado website despite that fact that I might not even get a notice before he is delivered. :frownyblush:

      Mine might be one of the latter delivered since I ordered an extra set of hands in bronze.
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    15. Congratulations @seasonweather! How exciting! But, at the same time a little troubling, just because of no shipping notice. Makes me wonder if mine has been shipped or not? Mine was normal skin, blank. Actually I prefer not being able to track the package excessively and agonize over delays. But part of me wants to know too. Oh well, he’ll get here someday. Have fun enjoying your guy! Pictures, please!
    16. @kurogane mine was also normal skin blank, I dont know what the deal is with the lack of notice though. Not sure when I'll be on the computer to post pictures, but hopefully soon! He has nothing but eyes and some random ken pants at the moment though lol
    17. !! Oh that's so exciting @seasonweather! I too am waiting on my Napoleon, I'm happy to hear they've at least STARTED shipping. Though a notice would be nice... especially given my apartment complex's kind of unique relationship with the postal service at the moment. Hmm.
    18. [​IMG]

      Not the best picture ever, but here he is!
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    19. @seasonweather thank you! Now I have a clear picture of what I’m waiting for. Gorgeous!