Granado Tiny Doll Discussion

Apr 21, 2018

    1. Ahhh thank you @seasonweather! I'm even more excited to get mine now--I'll just content myself with staring at yours in the meantime. :)
    2. Oh NO, I just found these! And wouldn't you know it, they're sold out. D: They're perfect for a tiny guy for my tiny gal, so I'm hoping maybe I can catch the next preorder. I can't believe how well they pose to be so small.
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    3. I'll get a photo just a sec...

      I hate to say "plug and play" but it lends itself to that pun...
      [​IMG]New boy bits system by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    4. Are regular clothes and shoes for 1/6 scale action figures fitting these guys properly?
    5. I find the pants are too big in the waist. Most 1/6 action figures have removeable hands, feet and heads so the clothing is either too tight at the ankle and wrist. So depending on the width of the seam, it can can be undone and eased out a little. Dress shirts usually have the button on the sleeves and neck sewn shut but it can be cut and opened. Shoes need to be labeled 'open' so you don't get shoes for peg feet.
    6. Oooh the new system does look better! I have to confess I just leave them in the box most of the time ahaha... it's easier. I hope my boy comes soon, now I'm getting antsy!
    7. My Napoleon arrived today! I haven’t had a chance to un box him yet, the agony. :x Soon, or later this evening.

      I didn’t get any shipping notice either. And all I have are eyes as I’m going to make his wig and outfit. Just add that to the project list, right along with the dollhouse I’m building at the moment.
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    8. I have three eyemaker's eyes and the ones that fit the best in Napoleon's smaller eyes are 6mm from the Shrike's Nest. The other iris's are too big and fill his eye opening.
    9. I was able to open up my guy this morning! Oh, wowza, he’s awesome! I’m so glad I got him, I guessed words fail me? The best looking and poseing bjd I’ve ever had. His name is Shiro and I plan on making a black and white wig. The head cap is so tiny, I haven’t put in any eyes yet. I just want to carry him around with me, lol. Obviously fan girling overmuch. :D
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    10. I guess I need to be sure and check my mail, then. I was just about to come and ask if anyone had heard anything yet! Now I'm excited!
    11. Ahhh!!! I'm so excited! Weird that nobody is getting shipping notices but I guess that makes it a fun surprise?? Haha! Thanks for the tip about the eyes @SteamWitch--I was going to use the extra pair of eyes I have from the set I bought for Dante (my Lucifer), but if Napoleon's eyes are even smaller I guess I'm hitting Shrike up!
    12. I was able to spend some time with my Napoleon yesterday and put in his eyes. I have a 6mm pair and a 4mm pair of Dreamingtree Studio eyes. The 4mm pair look better, but just barely fit. I spent 45 minutes putting in those eyes as I didn’t want to remove his head! Plus my favorite eye putty (the blue kind) showed up as blue eyeshadow, so I had to use some white eye putty that is too soft and sticky so it wouldn’t show through the resin around the eyes. The eyes are a nice bright blue and the pupils show up really well. Now to make the hard wig cap and clothes. It will have to be something special as this guy has high expectations.
    13. Ah, man. I bought a tiny Lucifer because I wanted to help make this size happen, and I like him fine, but I'm coming to the conclusion that I like Napoleon more - and I also like the faceups that Granado is offering for them now! I'm starting to think about buying a Napoleon with my so-called 'VIP' status and then making a decision about whether to keep one or both once he's here. Decisions, decisions.
    14. I checked the mail yesterday and had a notice to pick my guy up. That was fast. In any case his bald, eyeless self is hanging with me at work today.



      His head is smaller than my finger. That is gonna be a challenge to do a good faceup!
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    15. I really want to work on Napoleon's head but I'm not feeling it right now so I'm not going to do it until I feel right. So here are my Lucifers, Lyric and True, from this morning.
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    16. I’ve been making yarn wig wefts. Napoleon’s Head is so small! I think I have enough, time to make the wig cap. I’m still deciding on a hair style.
    17. I'm so sad! I have been checking Informed Delivery (USPS service that's SUPPOSED to tell you when you have mail coming), only to go to clear out my mail box last night to find I missed a package on TUESDAY! It's from China so I'm assuming that was my boy... Sigh!! Nothing on ID, so I guess it's not reliable for packages from overseas...? Soon I'll have him and can post pictures... soon...