Granado Tiny Doll Discussion

Apr 21, 2018

    1. I picked my boy up yesterday!! He's so beautiful... I'm so in love. Has anyone else had trouble with the new "extra parts" system, though? I honestly just leave them in the box but I was trying to see how they looked and I couldn't get them on...? The peg seems super ultra snug. Is there a trick to it, or is the trick "heat the resin a little"...?

      Pics in my box opening post! But one just for the road--I love how well this body poses, I really do. Even if it doesn't fit normal shoes...

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    2. I didn't have trouble with them but yeah they are snug. I found getting the peg angle right helps. ;)

      Started work on Napoleon he got tiny freckles today.
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    3. Welp, I took the plunge on a tan 31cm Napoleon with in-house faceup. Mature tinies are my Kryptonite. :XD:
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    4. I just got my shipping notice for the Napoleon I already have home. Ummm, better late than never????
    5. Saw the napoleons were arriving and had to rejoin this thread since he didn’t succeed in mini and I want to see more! Vicarious bjd life!!!! Lol

      That’s nice they redesigned the bits system, I don’t fuss with Lucifer’s they’re just a hassle. But!!! I’m super jealous that the girl got a ton of hand options! I would have picked that over a spare bits in a second. Want fists! Want grip hands for swords!
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    6. I agree with you @skyealloway I'd rather have gesture hand options, perhaps if they make another crowdfunding one will have a choice of hands and/or bits.
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    7. Yeah, I got my shipping notice last night too.

      I’m hoping I can start on the wig cap today. That’s the easy part, as trimming and styling is not my thing.
    8. I got my shipping notice too! I cracked up. Thanks I guess, Granado??

      I finished a faceup for my Napoleon! These eyes don't fit the character, but they look pretty good in the head! They're from Dreamingtree. The wig is also temporary and borrowed... I really need to dye some more fiber so I can make him his own!


      Napoleon is so beautiful... Such a joy to paint! Even if he is even more nerve wrackingly tiny than even Lucifer...
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    9. @Idoru oh, your guy is looking gorgeous! Yes, Napoleon is a beautiful sculpt. The wig you have is what I’m aiming for, but black with a white streak. The face up you did is fabulous! :D
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    10. Nice job on the faceup. He looks great! @Idoru
      I've been too anxious about life things to give it a try so I've been doing other things like putting freckles on his body and pouring resin for other projects.
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    11. @Idoru Your boy is looking beautiful so far! Seeing these newest boys home, I am so tempted to get a tiny Napoleon during this event.:drool
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    12. I had someone ask me about this in my box opening, so I figured I'd share: in those pics he's wearing pants that I originally bought for a Xagadoll Ken from this Taobao store. I tried the top I also bought from this store in that size (Xaga Uncle) and it does NOT fit. The FR size should; I'm going to order some more stuff from them in the future to find out but the other FR size shirt (from a different seller) I have fits Granado 31.5cm boys.
    13. Good heavens, where has that Taobao store been all my life? :love
    14. I know, this is amazing. Don't know how to order from them but OMG such cool clothes.
    15. Tiny Napoleon faceup and body blushing done. After all those freaky storms the humidity was 41%. Wacky weather but I won't complain because me and the weather were in sync. Yay!
      [​IMG]Face and body blushing done by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    16. I love this faceup @SteamWitch!! The body blushing and faceup look so good together... Hooray for weird weather!!

      And I'm glad the link helps!! I should have shared it before, but I haven't tried much stuff from it yet so I keep forgetting, haha... You can order from Taobao shops using a proxy (I use Yoybuy but they're all basically fine I think). I will note that it'll take a bit for your stuff to get to you, probably (it's all made-to-order I believe), but it's worth the wait. They're really nicely made, and I was even able to ask (through the agent staff) about fit and measurements. I found them because they're one of the only shops that does stuff specifically for both sizes of the Xagadoll boys, Xaga lists them on their Taobao! I was really surprised these pants fit once I got the cuffs over the heels, but pleasantly so. If anyone tries any of the other sizes of tops, please report back!! I'm not 100% positive the FR tops will fit, it's my educated guess from trying everything I currently own on my Lucifer. :p

      Speaking of, here's another Taobao shop! Aforementioned source of FR homme-sized tops (and pants): Apple Baby.
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    17. Today I finally got to work on the yarn wig (working on a dollhouse too, staining wood strips for the flooring, what a chore). I thought I had made plenty of wefts, but nope. My guy looks like he is going bald. Back to making more wefts. His head is tiny, but not when making yarn wefts I guess. :sweat
    18. Everyone's Napoleons look so good! I've done a faceup (I need to take a pic!) He's got some clothes. Shoes I'm having trouble with. I got the low top Chuck Taylors that someone had posted upthread. They fit but stretch so much that to me the tounge of the shoe looks odd. I've made some faux socks that cover up the gap and I can live with that. I got some FR Homme sized shoes that in theory should have fit but in reality are a no go. And my third and stupidest mistake was buying some Phicen combat boots WITH FEET IN THEM. :doh I don't know how I missed that on the auction. It was all over it. I was able to extract the feet and make the boots wearable.
      Tonight when I have a minute I'm gonna try some YOSD shoes on him and see how far off they are. I'm afraid they're gonna look ridiculously huge, though. :XD:
    19. I took a photo of the Lucifer boys today. It's been a while.
      [​IMG]Lyric and True by SteamWitch, on Flickr

      I also worked a bit on Napoleon, I like the small change. I'll get a photo of him later.
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