Granado Tiny Doll Discussion

Apr 21, 2018

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    1. Yup that is L in the background, if there are sweets he is sure to find them.
      I blushed the extra set of hands I bought in bronze for Ulric, Lumedoll Kiran. Now that they are closer to matching him I'm happy with them. He does look better with bigger hands, the ones he came with were just to small for a mature guy. Napoleon is now blushed and looking like I want him to also.
      I still need to work on those shoes, I bought the material to make wider tongues but haven't gotten around to it. :doh

      [​IMG]Treasure and Ulric 071119 by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    2. @Leo Pheonix Baishan is looking great, even with no face up. Those boots are really nice. What OT doll are they for? I’m trying to figure out the scale of shoes so I can go looking for some for my guy.

      @SteamWitch looks like your guys are having a wonderful time! I like your pictures as there is so much to see, just like real life. I agree, the bigger hands look better, and the blushing to match is perfect. Your Napoleon is gorgeous!

      My poor guy is still naked. He does have a custom wig I made, so not totally neglected. I think I have an idea as to his outfit. I just need to figure out how to find, or more likely, sew it. And then there are the shoes, ha, ha, yeah.... I can say, my Napoleon is by far one of my favorite dolls. There is just something about him. Thanks, Granado!
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    3. I have everything I currently need for my Lucifer - I just need to sit myself the heck down and trim this furwig, to see if I can make it work. Agh, tiny wigs, why must you be my Kryptonite.
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    4. Tiny wigs are the worst @Gallye!! That's why I started making my own... It's just such slim pickin' out there...

      I recently made some shoes for my Napoleon, because there was no way I was finding ones like this already available! His wig is finally the way I want too. Of course I broke the chain on one of the shoes taking him out of the box for this meetup, but that's ok--it's an easy fix.


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    5. He is looking good!
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    6. I still need to work on my guy! I’m having troubles finding an outfit that fits his character. I’ll have to re read this thread to see what fits and look some more. I need a black great coat, and boots. Hope I don’t need to make all his stuff myself. I’m not that good, yet.

      @Idoru your Napoleon is so handsome! Interesting your wig is very close to the one I made for my guy. Same colors, just a little different style. No, I didn’t copy you, ha ha. Great minds think alike? And the shoes are great! I agree, sometimes you have to make it yourself.

      @SteamWitch did you make the shirt? I really like it. I’m jealous as you can make a character look so good!
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    7. @kurogane Yes I made the shirt, I modified a Ken doll pattern. I'm pretty happy with it but should have made the collar a bit smaller. Thank you!!!
      Sometimes I think I should add a bit more definition to his eyes but his character won't let me. :ablink:He likes being softly pink.:chibi
    8. For shoes to fit these guys, mine fits in the action figure ones from The leather not plastic ones. I have three pairs, and his big feet fit in all of them. Not the mini Vans though.
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    9. Well, I ordered Simon a black suit. I still need to figure out his overcoat and shoes. I can’t believe how expensive 1/6 scale outfits are, but with all the realistic details, so worth it. I’m impatient for the suit to arrive as Simon will be closer to looking like himself.
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    10. @Leo Pheonix Do you know the measurement of Lucifer/Napoleon's feet? I have a Solar Wind Dolls Konstantin, and his feet are 4.5 cm. I was wondering then if the shoes from would fit him. I'm in the process of making my shoes, but they're still very amateurish.
    11. On the first post of this thread is all the measurements of the Tiny Vigor body. It says 4.1cm for feet
    12. Also, keep in mind that they do have these weird bulgy heels that don't fit nicely into some shoes. Boots would probably be less of an issue, but things like sneakers just do not want to go over them.

      My kingdom for a tiny shoehorn. :lol:
    13. I hope the dress shoes I got will fit. They have laces, so I’m hoping they open up to get the foot in. They are meant for the 1/6 Pichen male. At least they didn’t cost much.
    14. Oh, yeah, shoes with laces that you can loosen have a pretty good chance of working. Things like loafers, though... not so much.
    15. Not a problem, very few threads have that kind of detail in the first post. I hope it helps.
    16. Oh thanks for the website rec @Leo Pheonix! Getting into making shoes myself is kind of a last resort... It's a shame the Vans don't fit, I want those real bad! I guess that saves me $35, but still... bummer.

      And that is so funny @kurogane haha! Gray and black isn't TOO odd a color combo, but still--what a funny coincidence!

      Speaking of my guy--I got him some new eyes at Resin Rose this weekend, and took this picture in the motel room because I am so overwhelmingly pleased with how he looks...!

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