Granado Tiny Doll Discussion

Apr 21, 2018

    1. @Idoru I love the new eyes! So pretty! Aww, too bad I couldn't make it to Resin Rose. I live really close, but just couldn't make it this year. I would have liked to meet you.

      I received Simon's suit today, and everything fits! The pants are just a bit short, but I can pull them down enough to cover his ankles. The shoes fit perfectly. I just need to fix the shirt cuffs (I had to cut them open), take in the pants waist a bit and get him all dressed up. He looks so good! I'm sooo happy!
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    2. Got a shipping notice for my Napoleon today! I can't wait to see what his factory faceup looks like. :)
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    3. I got my shipping notice for the Granado Lucky bag. Of course, I am irrationally hoping for the 31cm Napoleon to be in my bag. Still, good Luck to those who ordered one also.
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    4. Welp, my Napoleon arrived - via UPS Ground, which was not how I expected him to arrive!

      The factory faceup is serviceable, I guess, but I won't be keeping it - it's very faint and blurry and the sealer is on the shiny side. (Seventy bucks for that faceup, too. Yikes.) His elbows, on the other hand, are kind of a problem - they're the same basic elbows that my Lucifer has, but these got slightly warped during casting and don't fit together all that well. Here's a quick picture:


      If I hold both parts of his arm I can 'twist' the elbow into fitting together more or less properly, but as soon as I let go the forearm snaps back out of place and that ridge pops out. Both elbows have this issue, although the one in the picture is the more noticeable.

      I'm of two minds about this. On the one hand, I can live with such a small defect, as the joint still works fine and it can be covered with sleeves; on the other hand, it's disappointing. Phooey.
    5. @Gallye I'm happy you got him and I'm so sorry about the elbows; but a thought occurred to me that maybe they could be remedied by putting them in almost boiling water. Resin will go back into it's original state if you heat it up and then let it cool on its own. That is how small dents in resin from falls can be more or less healed. It's just a thought and it won't hurt the resin either way.
    6. Since this is the granado tiny doll discussion, can I come in here to fawn over how adorable Timtim is or is there a different thread for that?
      Because Timtim is a very cute little doll and I’m seriously considering getting them :love
    7. @Enitnerolf Yes all the Granado tinies are welcome here!
    8. good to hear that @SteamWitch, I only saw Lucifer and Napoleon getting mentioned here so I wondered if this thread was only for that particular line or model. Timtim is very different from them, being a cutesy kid doll.

      Is anyone else thinking about ordering Timtim?
      I've seen some amazing posing on the photo's in this thread, I really hope Timtim is as flexible as that. The photos in the listing certainly suggest that.
    9. I got some action figure jeans and tried them on my boys. The crotch was really low so I sewed up the slack and they look really good on them now. I think True likes the view. Since they fit so well I may buy another set for my other boys.
      [​IMG]Lyric and True 100519 by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    10. Those jeans look great on your guys @SteamWitch !
      The new tiny isn't my taste, but if they made a version of Raguel on the same body as the other tiny guys I'd be tempted...
    11. Oh those fit better than I would have expected @SteamWitch! I would have thought they'd be too short... I should pick up some for my guys and see. They look great!
    12. I'm so wanting a tiny Raguel myself. Timtim is cute but not my cup of tea either.
      They do fit well even without the alteration if the character likes the baggy pants look.
    13. Lucifer and Napolean in this size look so good! A Raguel would be so perfect.

      I'm newer to bjds, so I missed the first orders. Will they be doing another and making more in this size?
    14. I am hoping they do. I would love a tiny and/or mini Raguel but we will see, the tiny ones seem to do better than the other sizes in the crowdfunding releases. I want a different male companion for one of my mature tinies.
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    15. [​IMG]True and Lyric out for a ride by SteamWitch, on Flickr

      I"m hoping for a chance for a tiny Gallileo on a tiny Zen body. :love Fingers crossed though it might be a while until the tiny Zen body is ready. :...(
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    16. They sure did imply that there'd be a tiny Gallileo/zen body on Instagram today! Fingers crossed--though I would also be happy if they'd hold off...
    17. The zen body is neat - those slim fingers, woooow - but it still has those chonky Granado heels! I wonder if those are meant to help the body stand?
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    18. So it's coming up on 2 months now since I ordered Tim Tim...
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