Granado Tiny Doll Discussion

Apr 21, 2018

    1. Woohoo! Shirtless! Show it off, babe!
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    2. Yah, I can't keep a shirt on this guy. :frownyblush:;)
    3. Heh heh heh such hardship... ;)
    4. Lol, I know. He sitting on a shelf above my head and is quite distracting. :cool: I thought about changing his hair or eyes but there is something about him that makes the pink hair and red eyes perfect for him. Evil cuteness and a bitchen bod.:blush
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    5. I'm so excited they are offering a 30cm Zen body! Can't wait to click that buy button.
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    6. And they've made a Galileo head to go along with it!

      Just to warn you, though: unless their service has improved dramatically, the factory faceups are not at all worth $70. The pictures they use on the sales pages seem to be of the larger versions of the dolls, which are much easier to put good paint on! I purchased a 31cm Napoleon with faceup last year and got a gross shiny faceup that was basically four strokes of paint - the eyebrows weren't even centered on the brow ridges. I'd recommend giving that a miss unless you're feeling very lucky. :XD:
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    7. Good thing I would rather do my own anyway! :)

      Has it been difficult for owners of Lucifer and Napoleon to find clothes? I know they are different build-wise, but I am VERY tempted this time. He is so cute! I almost got those two, but the chest joint has never really thrilled me. This one is so nice!
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    8. Well, I clicked the buy button to get Galileo on the Zen body but PayPal is not cooperating. I'll just keep trying.
    9. Oh no!
      At least the second and third pic here looks like a small head given the size relative to the fingers. I'm definitely still hesitant to prepay the 1/6 factory faceup at $70 sight unseen, though, in case it turns out like the one you received.
    10. @SteamWitch you might have a problem ordering him tonight as the sales period starts tomorrow.;) Not sure how inclined I am to order one yet...
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    11. Oh thanks @Leo Pheonix ...Doh!
      It looks pretty good, about like the faceup I got on my Soom Minigem Auber. But I did the faceups on my Lucifer and Napoleon so I'll do Galileo's faceup too.
    12. Ah, you're right, those pictures are the small head! That's definitely something! My Napoleon definitely did not come with a faceup anywhere near as nice as the one on the sales page, though, so I'm still leery.
    13. I've been trying to avoid mature tinies, since my brain keeps identifying them as "really tiny super-expensive Barbie dolls", but I do really like Granado and they would be a lot easier to find props for in this size...and I still have some Ken clothes around that might fit them...
    14. I just ordered a 31Lucifer in sunshine skin tone - yay! :celebrate This will be my first Granado doll. If anyone has a Lucifer in sunshine, I would so love to see photos. I vacillated between tan or sunshine and just hope that I made the right choice. One concern that I have with the darker resin colour is that the face-up will not show as well. (I ordered factory face-up because there's no way I can paint his tiny face myself)
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    15. I have a Napoleon and he can wear 1/6 scale action figure clothing. I got a black business suit and everything fits. I did have to cut the threads holding the cuffs and collar as they are meant for the head and hands to be removed when dressing. Some of the shoes fit too. Only little issue is the pants are just a bit too short, I need to make some fake socks so you can’t see his ankles as the shoes are tight, so full socks won’t work unless I find some bigger shoes. Guess this makes me feel bad for my guy, and I need to fix the collar, cuffs, and make those socks and post pictures!
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    16. Congratulations @SteamWitch. I love your boys! Your photos of them were a big part of my decision to order a Lucifer, so thanks :)
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    17. I asked on Granado's Q&A if they had gotten any requests for a tiny Raguel because I really wanted one and they said no they hadn't. So mine was the first request. It sounded like they might if they had enough requests.