Granado Tiny Doll Discussion

Apr 21, 2018

    1. Thanks for posting that photo @Leo Pheonix :) Your Lucifer looks great even without a face-up. I'm very happy to see that the Sunshine resin doesn't look as orange as it seems on Granado's site.
    2. I did it! I now have a tiny Galileo ordered! Good to know it shouldn't be too much trouble to find clothes. Although he looks to be fairly long-limbed so we shall see!:cheer I am looking forward to painting this handsome little man!
    3. They have now gotten two. I just posted my own request on the Q&A board.:eusa_pray

      Added- They said they will consider it! I'm very hopeful...
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    4. I am so tempted by Galileo! I'm also really interested in the body itself with that obitsu attachment... I have a few lads who could use nicer bods...
    5. Anyone know whether this 31 cm body can wear Integrity Toys's clothes from the Monarch/Homme male line? Very interested because of its flexibility to pose.
    6. The Vigor body - the more muscular one - is basically a perfect fit for FR Homme stuff. I have a pair of jeans and a jacket for my Napoleon and they both fit him very well. (I did move the snap on the jeans over a little bit, which made the fit go from 'really good' to 'basically perfect'.)

      I suspect that FR Homme stuff will mostly fit the Zen body, but since the Zen body is slimmer, it will be less ideal.
    7. The new Monarch body is slimmer or model type. Anyways I have ordered the Lucifer. More interested in the vigor body type and its hh package as Granado calls it.

      Can the pants fit though because Monarch/Homme is slightly taller?

    8. The new 30cm Galileo is already marked as "sold out" out, even though the order period was supposed to go to June 22. And I had half talked myself into ordering a grey one...:eek: If they make tiny Raguel, I'm not going to hesitate!

      Added: It seems they decided to make the end date of the event three weeks earlier than it was originally. The body is still available, so maybe there will be another head soon? :eusa_pray
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    9. I...think I might have to get the new hands for my Galileo. I am a sucker for hand options in my photos!
    10. I'm getting the new hands. When my Galileo arrives I'll have 3 tiny boys who can use the hands. I may even try them on my Soom boy.;)
    11. Oh they ARE nice, I hope they're for sale for a while--I would love some for at least one of my boys... If not both.
    12. They come as a set of four pairs of hands, not separately. I love that you can mix and match once you have them all.
    13. Nice set of hands! I really like the options Granado gives us.
    14. So I ordered Lucifer 31cm on May 22nd and I just got a notice that he shipped yesterday. Less than 2 months wait - I'm really impressed! I ordered him in Sunshine resin and I'm very curious to see what that colour is like. I've got some clothes and shoes for him from Cotswold Collectibles but I don't think that any of the wigs I have will fit him. I plan to make a custom hard cap wig for him once I have him in hand. So excited:cheer
    15. Congratulations! I had a sunshine Boyd at one time and I loved the color. He should look lovely.
    16. Thanks @SteamWitch. Hopefully he'll arrive next week and I can post a photo.
    17. Here's my new Lucifer. He has no wig yet and his proper eyes have yet to arrive, but I'm having a lot of fun with him. I love how realistic he looks and his posing is amazing :love

      [​IMG]Lucifer_birdwatching by H M, on Flickr
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    18. Congratulations! @Hmac58 He looks great! I also love the way they pose, they can do the most amazing things.
    19. Congrats! He's so handsome. I am in awe of their posing, they really are just so good.
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