Granado Tiny Doll Discussion

Apr 21, 2018

    1. Treasure was helping me out with some eyes I'm trying to make for two new tiny men coming to live with us. So of course I had to take photos of him just being himself. Pink hair, red eyes and pale but he is happy.
      [​IMG]Treasure in the garden by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    2. I am very excited. I am waiting for the FedEx delivery to bring my mom's first bjd. It's TimTim and I am very corious about her. I am a large doll person, but still. A Granado doll in my house! Or she will be here soon...
    3. Congrats on getting TimTim!

      :whee:I got my shipping notice for Galileo this morning. They are using SF again so I don't' know when he will arrive, but I'm excited. Maybe making eyes for him was a premonition??? :frownyblush: :dance:dance:dance
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    4. @SteamWitch Thank you! My mom is let me post some pics about her, but I need to paint her first. She is just so tiny, but I totally fell for her. She is nice poser, but she feels pretty thin and fragile. Standin just out of the box. And she's got removable tooth parts. Galileo is a great sculpt, I hope you get him soon!
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    5. My Galileo Zen arrived today! He is so much smaller than the VIgor I love it!!! My little skinny dude.
      He came with the gesture hands, now I have to go check to make sure these are the ones I ordered after I ordered him.
      [​IMG]Granado Zen box opening by SteamWitch, on Flickr

      His box opening Granado Zen 30cm, Galileo head
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    6. @SteamWitch Yay! Congrats! I just got notice that mine had shipped on August 1, it's already in the U.S.! :celebrateThat's awesome that the gesture hands came with him. Hopefully that will be the case for me as well. More companies need to wait a few days to let you know it has shipped! LOL jk Waiting on the post is sometimes better when you aren't expecting it.;)
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    7. @SteamWitch Congrats! he is very handsome and zen body looks like a very pretty body!
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    8. Congrats on getting your new guy, @SteamWitch ! I missed him, but its great to see yours. I can't wait to see yours too, @redmaiko !
      I wonder who the new doll on Instagram is...
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    9. Those hands are great @SteamWitch ! So expressive!
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    10. Ohhh thank you for sharing, they look so good... Now I want a couple of sets even more!!
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    11. I saw Granado posted on Instagram about a coming soon doll which looks like another zen head. I am not super clear on how their orders work though. Is the Zen30 body only able to be ordered at certain periods of time? I don't want to order just a body but I also don't want to wait to discover its for a different neck size and then have no body.
    12. Looks like the Zen body may follow their normal order periods of the first three days of the month but as of now it is available. I was hoping they'd do the same for the Vigor but it came out in so many different sizes it would make it harder to please every one.
      Plus the body comes with a neck connector so you can use an Obitsu or other vinyl head on the body.
      I saw that too, he looks very nice. It looks like they have a female head in an earlier post, another 28cm girl.
    13. Granado has sold all their mature tiny heads as full dolls so far. I'll be surprised if they don't do the same for the new one.
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    14. Thank you so much for the information! I'm glad to hear it.
    15. My Granado Lucifer 32cm arrived last Saturday. Anyone know where to get wig for him? I bought one from Aliexpress but it did not fit.
    16. Monique Gold. I am waiting on a 4 inch to arrive today for my Galileo 30 but I can also try it out on my Lucifer when it arrives.
      It fits size wise but too much hair for Galileo's small face. It's Frankie in brown/black It looks better on the Soom head which is the same size as my Lucifer. I forgot that I glued Lucifer's wig onto his head or I'd take a photo of him too. Depending on what style you want at least the size is right.
      [​IMG]Size 4 by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    17. [​IMG] TimTimMy mom's tiny Tim Tim
      I just don't know why it's not showing up. but there is the link if you like to see the doll... Face up by me. My second full face up
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    18. So...does anyone know where I could get Monster High boy waist measurements? I am wondering if clothes for them will fit 30cm Galileo. Maybe someone has both? :eusa_pray